Best preschool in Ashburn,Va.?

Hi all,

I have a 3 yr old son.i am searching for the best preschool in and around ashburn.can somebody please help me out with best one's.

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    8 years ago
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    You asked what is the best preschool but what do you want in a preschool the class ratio to be low, you child need met, what is important to you the curriculum, you do not state this, the right school for some may not be right for someone else. The curriculum do you want one that is letting child be creative building self worth, you need to check up philosophies etc. Do you want liscensed credential Teachers or someone who has 12 units and does not know child development and maturation of children. Look for a school where you have access to your child at any time.

    HOPE Preschool - Info

    hopepreschool.orgOpenstomorrow at 8:30 AM

    (703) 729-4673 - 43454 Crossroads Dr, Ashburn, VA.


    2Arris Montessori School - Info

    arrismontessori.comOpenstomorrow at 9 AM

    (571) 271-4228 - Ashburn, VA


    3Ashburn Village Country Day - Info

    (703) 723-4500 - 20909 Ashburn Village Blvd, Ashburn, VA.


    4Winnie the Poo Pre School - Info

    (703) 724-0496 - 42507 Mount Hope Rd, Ashburn, VA.


    5Little Learners Academy... - Info

    (703) 729-2224 - 45135 Waterpointe Ter, Ste 100, Ashburn, VA

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