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Would you cuddle and hold hands with a hook up? Would you hook up with an unattractive girl?

Ok so I hooked up with a guy (a friend's friend) last weekend.

We were both a bit drunk but not too drunk, since we went to my place already at midnight.

Anyhow, the sex was ok (he was a real "giver"), but he had a bit of trouble to get a hard-on. He assured me several times it wasn't because of me because he was "so damn turned on" by me (he also said this before sex, i.e. during making out). We managed to do it 2 times during that night and then 1 time in the morning... he was cuddling me the whooooooole night, spooning, intertwining legs, holding hands and in the morning he asked me if I wanted him to come with me to go buy a morning-after-pill (yeah... we forgot condom 2 out of the 3 times), asked me about my studies and mentioned how his friend (i.e our mutual friend, who is actually living in my dorm) had sent a text suggesting all of us having breakfast together in the morning. He also said how he didn't want to leave....

I however, never wanted anything more than sex, so I just kind of wanted him to go in the morning, but now I kind of feel ashamed of how I didn't offer him breakfast or even to take a shower, since I knew I was to meet this guy again... I also didn't give him my number or anything, I just said "I guess we'll meet again".. I mean, he's usually in our dorm like 3 times a week, I guess at least I could have been a bit more friendly... Actually, I find it hard knowing if he was only in it for the sex, or if he actually had some more interest in me.


- Would a guy, who knew he would definitely have to see you again, cuddle that much with you if he wasn't in it for something more? How do you know if his intention was just a casual thing?

- Is it possible that he actually wasn't attracted to me, but just wanted to sleep with anyone? Him not getting a real ***** got me insecure...

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  • 8 years ago
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    the hard on thing is always a big insecurity for me to.. but sometimes guys just have those days where they can't get it up. and SINCE he seemed so into you, i wouldn't worry too much about it being because of you that he couldn't get hard so don't worry.

    BUT… he does seem kinda into you.

    how was the sex?like was he enjoying it a lot more than you were?

    he could be a very friendly guy who just wants to make sure you're okay due to the lack of condom and stuff…..

    but he could be interested. you'll only know once you start seeing him around when you guys aren't being physical and stuff.

    if he's in your dorm with your friend and still trying to hang out with just you,or asks you out on a few dates, or says things purposely to flirt with you, then you know he's interested.

    hopefully that goes well. good luck hun!!

    ps if you can help me out too.. id really appreciate it.;_ylt=Ag...

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  • Robert
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!

    You are really amazing. Let me break this down into its simplest parts-----

    you were right that you were not "too drunk" because you knew exactly what you were doing

    he had trouble getting hard because you did it three times in a 12 hour period. Do you really expect guys to be able to have intercourse that many times and still keep themselves hard?

    you forgot to use condoms 2 out of 2 times----are you for real? Just slipped your mind, I guess

    you need a definition of "hooking up"----its getting together for pure sexual pleasure with no strings attached. That means no breakfast, no cuddling, no holding hands, no shower, no telephone numbers, no need to be friendly, no attraction, no interwining legs, etc.

    Don't be insecure about him not getting hard. The guy is not Superman. How many times do you think he can ejaculate in a 12 hour period? Give the guy a break.

    All these things that happened to you is what you should expect when you hook up. It's cut and dry with no feelings or emotions or love. It's "bing, bam, thank you ma"am". If you can't handle it, you shouldn't be doing it. That's why hooking up is so great for guys. They can handle it perfectly. They can have sex with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Most girls can't do that so think twice before you agree to hook up with someone.

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  • 4 years ago

    I would give you recommendation about everything you mentioned, however i am looking to keep away from that whole scene. I will remark on him not getting an erection, although. There may be a ton of factors why he could not get it up, would not matter age. I'm 20 and i have had pelvic surgery, so I've received ED.

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