yard waste in Michigan?

My wife and I bought a pool. Its a large rectangle one with the deck that goes all the way around it. We got it used off craigslist for a great price. Now, we don't want to put up a pool in December, so we unloaded it off the uhaul truck into our back yard. shortly after a man from the city shows up, telling me we can't store it in our backyard, and we'll be fined if we don't remove it. Now, many of the pieces are far to big to even fit in our garage, and a storage unit is out of the question.

My question is this, its not scrap, and we intend on putting it up in less than 6 months time. Can they force us to remove it, and/or can they fine us? I can't find anything myself in the law books that state you can't keep good construction material (a pool not put together is construction material is it not?) on your property when you intend on putting it together within a reasonable time (6 months seems reasonable, since its currently December.

Any legal information on this subject woulid be greatly appreciated.

additional info, I am in Dundee Michigan, in a subdivision with a home owners association (the association has said nothing about the pool parts being here, only the city).

Thanks in advance


the man that I'm dealing with by-the-way, is the building inspector. And he isn't that easy to talk to. The only time I've gotten any sort of favorable response from him so far, is when I said to him "perhaps I should go talk to a lawyer before we continue talking".

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yep. They can do that. I think the next step the city would take is to write a ticket and a fine.

    It's city ordence and zoning regulations.

    You'll want to contact the city or township your in. Find out what you need to do to comply. My guess is that if you put as much of it in the garage as you can and then maybe a tarp covering the rest up, I think that would make them happy.

    And while your there, ask them if you need a permit for the pool.

  • 8 years ago

    Your first stop should be with "the man from the city" who told you about the fine. Ask him to show you a copy of the law to which he refers, and ask if there is an exception for construction materials being stored temporarily in anticipation of building. If not, and you certainly know how to move it, you just need a place that allows you to store it until you are ready to build.

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