Are there any online colleges that offer free laptops to students with tuition?

Are there any online colleges or universities that offer free laptop to students. I heard that Northwest Missouri State University, Wentworth Institute of Technology Admissions and Villanova University offer free laptop. Can anyone confirm it? Do let me know if you know any college with online degree program that offer free laptop to their students.

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    This site will help you

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    Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

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    There are many online colleges that are offering new students the opportunity for a free or low cost laptop. But as previously mentioned, there may be certain caveats involved. Here’s a segmented list of programs with laptop programs and their respective conditions for obtaining the devices.

    Free laptops that may be kept after graduation

    Bethel University (Google Chromebook)

    Independence University Online


    Seton Hill University

    St. John’s University (choice of 3 laptops)

    Stevens-Henager College

    Free laptops that must be returned upon graduation

    Herzing University (IT programs only)

    Northwest Missouri State University

    Wake Forest University

    Deeply discounted laptops that students will own

    Note: Even if your online college is not listed here, most colleges and universities do offer some sort of discount for students to purchase both hardware and software that they will need during their course of study. Search their website for “computers” or “laptops”, or contact their student services department to find out if you have discounts available.

    Azusa Pacific

    Drexel University

    Full Sail University

    Liberty University Online

    Purdue University

    Southern New Hampshire University

    Villanova University

    Online Colleges that Offer Free iPads

    The emerging trend seems to be to offer new/incoming students an iPad, rather than a laptop at many online universities, and also universities which have online programs as well as on-campus ones. Here’s the current list of colleges offering iPads to students:

    Illinois Institute of Technology

    Long Island University (iPad Mini)

    Seton Hill University

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    Most college offer discounts like the person above stated. I know last fall Apple offered a 100 dollar discount on their laptops to college students and educators.

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    Bethel University in McKenzie TN does

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