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Complete sentence

Use the phrases in the following to complete a formal letter.

the main goal, as you may know, to my attention, should you wish, I an writting, along with, your attention, I feel that, between different support groups, I would be extremenly grateful

Dear Mrs Chan,

It has been brought ___ that you are the main convenor of the fifth Symposium on Cities and Culture in Brisbane. ___, I am currently carrying out research in this field. I have included a copy of my curriiculum.

___ to express my interest in giving a talk in this year's symposium, to present an overview of current thinking, ___ a case study of a cultural enhancement programme recently implemented here in UK. As ___ of this symposium is the encouragement of dialogue ___ and artistic movement, ___ my reseach would fit well into the conference. ___ if you could consider my proposal. ___ to receive more information abouut my current work, please don;t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for ___ and consideration. I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Your sincerely


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    ---To complete a formal letter with complete sentences:-----

    (1) to my attention

    (2)As you may know

    (3)I am writing (Not I would be...)

    (4)along with

    (5)the main goal

    (6)between different support groups

    (7)I feel that

    (8)I would be extremely grateful;(Not I am writing.....)

    (9)Should you wish

    (10)your attention.

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