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Is it possible to solve crimes with math like in the television series, "Numb3rs"?

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    Yes and no. The show somewhat exaggerates. Even though the math is sound, real situations are not so simple... complicated to the point of not being solvable like that. Statistics and probability play a huge role even in the show. The guy is a genius and he uses the most advanced math. But no one in real life can achieve that.

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    My favourite thought was once that all people is in purgatory, and have to to find peace with their prior by means of their experiences on the island -- so when a personality "dies", they've found peace. This concept used to be bourne out by the way Boone died, and with the aid of the surreal and cathartic experiences on the island. It additionally defined why crusing far from the island introduced you back to it -- it is no longer relatively in the world. Sadly, this has been shot down by using the producers confirming that it's now not authentic! Also one of the vital personality deaths haven't been after peculiarly important developments of their studies; for instance, the 2 tailies Michael shot had been dispatched with out a lot fanfare and without most important individual exchange instantly before. I additionally used to suspect that the island was once radically extra North than the characters feel, notably given the polar endure and the radio indicators within the North Atlantic, but considering that they've explained the presence of the bears that notion would not have any distinct force.

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