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how did the fall of singapore affect australia?

How did the fall affect Australia and is that why japan invaded australia?

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    It put Australia on an Invasion footing especially After the Japanese sent a 30,00 strong Invasion Force to Papau new Guniea this forced the Then Prime minister to bring Home the 6 and the 9 divisions to protect Northern Australia

    But the Invasion Force was turned Back on the Owen Stanley Ranges By the Australian Militia all 1500 of them and the 6 Division arrived in time to support the Militia and to prevent any further advance on the Airport at Port Morsby Needed By Japan in either Roll to invade or Isolate this Failure prevented the Japanese from Invading or isolating Australia

    By 7 March 1942, the Japanese Navy and Army had agreed that severing Australia's lifeline to the United States (Operation FS) and pressuring Australia into submission to Japan were more important objectives than the limited invasion of Australia's northern coast that the Navy had earlier proposed. At the Imperial General Headquarters Liaison Conference on 7 March 1942, the Navy General Staff and Navy Ministry agreed to their limited invasion proposal being deferred in favour of the Army plan to sever Australia's lifeline to the United States and then pressure Australia's into total surrender to Japan. It is important to note that the Japanese generals did not rule out their support for an invasion by force if Australia did not surrender as they expected when the Japanese noose was tightened.

    Today after the war Australia and its allies Know that invasion was doubtful but in Nov 1942 it looked real

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    The Australian mutiny and rout in Singapore was largely disguised at the time, and the details were not publicly known in Australia. Troops elsewhere were not affected, and the Japanese did not intend to invade Australia.

    "the myth of a planned invasion of Australia has been perpetrated mainly since the 1990s, despite official war files showing otherwise." - historian Dr Peter Stanley,

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