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what Happens if you perm deep wave hair straight?

I found deep wave hair at an amazing price, but then I realized I want loose curls. The hair is at the best price for long lengths. I was wondering if I perm deep wave hair what will happen to it? That will just loosen the curl right? And since it's real human hair all that will happen is that is will straighten right? or will that some how mess up the hair... even though I dont think it would


If I buy the deep wave hair, I could get more than one bundle with the length of 26" . If I find some wavy hair, The price goes up and for the length I want, I'll only be able to get 1 bundle.

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    What ?! Why would you perm it ? Perming obviously means you want it straightened . Why not just buy some wavy hair ?

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  • 3 years ago

    Deep Wave Perm

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