Any quotes PRO assisted suicide?

I'm writing a paper on pro assisted suicide... so I need just a few quotes supporting it!

References would be much needed!

Thank you!

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    7 years ago
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    Your school library probably has (either in print, or via online access, or both) one or more series of so-called "pro-and-con resources"; one well-known such series is called "Current Controversies" but there are several others. They consist of a series of books (or set of web pages) each of which presents well-researched arguments on both sides of a single issue. There would be one on abortion, for example; one on gun control; one on tax policy; and one on assisted suicide. The books are put together by professional researchers who have already used their expertise to find out the best arguments and resources on all sides of the issue. Such a book would be likely to have many quotes from people on both sides of the issue.

  • 7 years ago

    Less mental truma

    Source(s): Medical dergree
  • Judith
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    4 years ago

    Liberal -Freedom of choice like abortion

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