Are the penn state schools good?

i heard pennsylvania state university was ranked as one of the best and 49th in the world. However,when i saw their admission requirements, they were extremely low. The accepted sat range was around the four hundreds and a common acceptance rate of seventy to eighty percent. Are they really good schools? what do you think?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Penn State U and University of Pennsylvania are two different schools. UPenn is an Ivy League school located in Philly and has tough admission requirements and is ranked as one of the best universities. Penn State is one of the public state school systems in Pennsylvania, its main campus is in State College and has a higher admissions rate (for in state students mainly) because it is a HUGE public university. It is harder to get into the main campus out of state and requires higher scores for these students. PSU stills is one of the top public state universities and provides an excellent education, The recent scandal had nothing to do with academics. has

    Source(s): went to school 30 miles ssouth of psu
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    look up "jerry sandusky"

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