What happens to the wolf population as the deer population increases?

Also what happens to the deer population as the wolf population increases?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The populations tend to act something like a sin wave. But rather than being synced up they tend to be a little offset. Lets say the deer population begins to rise because it was a great year for their food source. As there are more and more deer, it becomes progressively easier for a wolf to find a meal. If more wolves are finding meals then they can have more pups and the pups tend to survive more. Eventually it will get to a point where the wolf population starts to eat so many deer that the deer are unable to reproduce fast enough to sustain their population and it starts to decrease. It will continue to decrease until the wolves begin having trouble all getting fed. When this happens the wolf population will begin to decline because of the lack of food. When the wolf population gets so low that they are no longer eating enough deer to keep up with the deer reproductive rate the deer population begins to grow. And so the cycle starts again. This cycle will become less and less intense over time if the conditions don't change until eventually the two populations reach equilibrium. But more often than not in nature something will happen to influence the cycle and it will become more intense again. I know I went a little overboard but it should really help your understanding of natural populations.

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    8 years ago

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    If the deer population increases it is likely the wolf population will increase the following year. The wolves will eat more deer so the following year the wolves may not have enough to eat and some will starve.

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  • 8 years ago

    Your teacher wants you to say that more deer lead to more wolves and more wolves lead to fewer deer. In actuality, this is only true if food is the limiting factor for wolves and predation the limiting factor for deer. Look up "Leibig's Law of the Minimum" and you might be able to get an interesting discussion going in class.

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