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The meaning of "concern with"?

I wanna ask what's the meaning of "concern with"? and can u pls gimme some

sample sentences? thankyou!!!

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    concern- 使擔心 / 不安; worry

    concern with: v. 使关心,

    be concerned with牽涉到, 與...有關, 參與

    have no concern with和...毫無關係

    concern oneself with sth.忙于; 從事; 關心, 關切

    ex :Shut up! You have no concern with this matter.

    I' m concern with our relationship since there are arguments between us

    everyday. ( usually a boy says to his girlfriend)

    The HK government is quite concern with the worsening law and order.

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    Concerned means worried and feeling concern about something eg:-Concerned parents about drugged-daughter.

    "concern"(verb)affect/involve:-The bus accident was a tragedy for all concerned.

    Where my money is concern,no comprimise.

    Everyone was directly concerned in the accident.

    Be about:-

    The story concerns the Prince Willy and Kate.The book is concerned with the USSR.

    Concerned with:-

    They were concerned with how the other woman had pregnanted.

    The President is concerned with his opponent in the meeting.

    He is concerned with her safety.

    Parents were concerned with the drug-taking girl!

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