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天師 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

番意怪怪的 可以 幫我 整理一下??

1 there are two teams of eleven players and it's played on a grass fied. the players have some wooden sticks, a wooden bat, and a small, hard, red ball. player have to hit the ball try to score 'runs'. the team with the most runs wins. everyone has to wear white clothes. you don't have to wear a protective helmet or gloves, but many players do. you need to be very patient to play this game because it can lasr for an afternoon, or even for five days.


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  • Jedi
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    9 years ago
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    有兩支由11名球員組成的球隊,在草坪上比賽。球員有一些木棍,一根木製球棒,和一個堅硬的小紅球。球員必須擊出這小紅球以嘗試贏得 “跑壘”。 贏得比較多 “跑壘” 的球隊獲勝。比賽時每個人都必須穿白色的衣服。你沒有必要戴上防護頭盔和手套,但是許多球員在比賽時這麼穿戴。你需要非常有耐心來參與這個比賽,因為它可能持續一整個下午,甚至持續五天。

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  • lobo
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    9 years ago

    try to score 'runs'嘗試得到分數.隊伍得到最多分數著贏.runs=分數

    last for持續

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