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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesTheater & Acting · 8 years ago

Filming a movie with child actors?

Me (A screen/script writer) and my friends (movie producers and directors) are considering making a movie that is semi-low budget. We will need children as actresses/actors for some main roles. My cousin is an Actress and we definitely want to have her in the movie, along with others. We live in Alabama. I already looked up the laws requiring this. I am aware they need to have a permit I believe, and they are only to have a certain number of work hours.

When hiring actors under the age of 18, do you need to have a screen tutor? (I think so, but not sure). Also, could you give me other specifics? I looked on SAG union already. Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    First of all, given all the schmucks out there trying to make a movie that have never done so before (even in L.A.), I commend you for looking into the legal requirements and checking out SAG guidelines.

    Yes, you must have a set teacher present at all times. In general, it's required there be four hours of instruction on any normal school day the child actor works. On non-school days, no instruction is required, but the set teacher must still be present. The number of work hours permitted in any day, and any week, is tiered, so it will completely depend upon the exact age of the individual as far as what those guidelines are. You're best bet is to refer to the SAG website for that or your local Dept. of Labor website.

    As far as Alabama law, I don't know from my experience, however, in general you must obtain work permits for the children, yes. A guardian will have to sign off on them, as will a producer. Check out your state's Department of Labor website for more information.

    Since it sounds like you want to do this the RIGHT way, and again, I really commend you for that (SOOO many slimey people in film), I would also check out the process for becoming SAG signatory for your project. It will add legitimacy and help if you wish to distribute this at some point. It's a pretty simple process, and doesn't cost much, so I would look into it.

    And thanks for a small chuckle. I don't know what your film experience is, but "semi-low budget," aside from being a term that doesn't really exist, means something in the vicinity of about $5M where I am. I'm guessing you're not making this for $5M, but if you are, let some of your investors know I'm producing a ULB project right now that needs to complete funding. :)

    Source(s): I'm a film producer.
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  • edna
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    4 years ago

    it will be counted on the relatives circumstances, and how lengthy the filming is going to take. If an actor's relatives is youthful, and in no way of school age, he would ok choose his relatives with him. now and again the relatives dynamic would nicely be a distraction, or the relatives has different duties--college, artwork, crew activities etc. that they could't be faraway from for any length of time. it would also be counted on the funds for the movie, and prices for relatives would not be attainable. for this reason distinct Hollywood marriages do not workout uncomplicated. The couples are separated for lengthy sessions of time, or maybe as maximum would imagine that can make a wedding ceremony more effective--in a lot of cases it ability one in each and every of them is going to grow to be bored and cheat. some production organizations employ homes, others can purely arise with the money for mid element motel rooms or now and again the actor would pay for top element lodging

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    if you go on and click on the Community tab,then message boards, then go all the way down to Shop Talk, pick the appropriate board and ask there. The people that hang out there might be more suited to answer your questions there cause I have no idea and I`m not sure if you`ll get helpful answers, or any answers, on here.

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