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Smooth Collie or Rough?

I've heard they have slight difference and even if it isn't much at all I'd like to be sure.

I want the dog to be active but not too much indoors and is relatively easy to train. And I wouldn't like to be grooming too much or have fur all over the house.

Thank You!!



I'm not trying to avoid work >.< Its just I don't want a dog who needs so much grooming NO ONE would be able to keep up. I'm not saying i'd like a dog who dosen't shed at all. c:


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    I have a rough collie of my own, and she's seven months old now. Her hair is just starting to get long and it already requires a good brushing once a week, but it'll get longer, and have to be brushed every day. Collies are the most gorgeous, intelligent, and loving dogs on earth. (Well, in my opinion, anyway!)

    Collies are extremely intelligent, but are very sensitive. They're not a dog that you can scream at or spank (which you shouldn't do to any dog), because they won't understand. They respond very well to clicker training, and I've heard that they tend to respond really well to hand signals along with voice commands. My rough girl actually responds to hand signals better than my vocal commands. And she's so smart that she learned "sit" perfectly in just ten minutes on her first night home, at only two months old.

    My collie is full of energy and she never seems to get completely worn out, but I can calm her down a little bit by taking her for a long walk or a good run. Or, I take her to my fenced backyard and throw toys. She'll chase them, but not bring them back. Collies are a vocal breed and if they get bored, they bark. They seem to have their own noises that they make that I've never heard other breeds make. Mine makes a moaning-type noise when she gets bored. Also, you need to socialize a collie puppy very well while they're young - at least 100 other people and dogs before their fourth month of age. If not, they can be snappy and reserved when they're grown. And be careful, collies are allergic to a good number of ingredients in pet medication, although the main one is ivermectin, used in a lot of heartworm medicine.

    Rough and smooth collies are really the same dog with different coats. Some people swear that smooth collies are a little more high-energy, but I can't testify to this because I've never met one. Smooths need an occasional brushing, but roughs need brushing every single day to prevent mats. Mine hasn't shedded at all, but I've heard that roughs will shed once they're grown and have their full coats in.

    Hope that helps! C:

    Source(s): Collie lover, owner of a rough collie.
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    I have a rough collie and his fur is kind of a hassle you have to make sure you brush it or else it gets really tangled and we shave around his butt because his poop get stuck in his hair and that's no good. I personally think rough collies are a lot prettier but smooth collies are easy to deal with because they don't have nearly as much hair so if you don't want to deal with the brushing and the shaving smooth collies are probably better but they still shed so brushing is still needed. As for the breed they are my family's favorite because of how well trained they are I have had this breed all my life

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    Get a smooth collie. Rough collies have lots of long, thick hair that is a lot to groom. A collie sounds like the right dog, if you get a short haired one.

    The only difference is the length of hair. :)

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    Collies are naturally active and very easy to train because they are so intelligent. If you are basing your decision on the amount of work you will need to put in then maybe you shouldn't get one.

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    They're same breed, the only difference is the fur. smooth is less high maintenance, but I like the look of roughs better.

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    Simply because of the desire to not groom I'd go smooth, otherwise they are so similar it doesn't matter.

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    It is nice to pet smooth collies.

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    Doesn't really matter, both are beautiful dogs ^^

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