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Secret window movie question help?

The main character, Mort rainey ( JohnnyDepp), is revealed to have done things that he can't remember. Who truly did those actions? If the self istied together by memory, then what does this say about the main characters self? How does this relate to the idea that the self is a fiction made up of distinct impressions? Overall, who/what is the main characters real self? How do you think this film seds insight on this aspect of the philosophy of the self?

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    Secret Window is a good movie.

    Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) suffers through dissociative identity disorder / multiple personality disorder in the movie.

    See, everyone has multiple aspects of their personalities. But usually, sub-consciously we classify our thoughts as good / bad and act upon occasions in accordance with our conscience.

    There might have been many occasions when you might have felt like doing something that your conscience doesn't agree with, may be stealing, hitting, lying or simply cursing, but you ended up listening to your conscience and acted accordingly. Can you rule out the fact that the want to perform the 'wrong' deed is nothing but a fragment of your own personality?

    Now, just imagine if you lose control over your consciousness.Your brain is still working in the way it works normally. Your sub-conscious is very strong. You still have multiple options to choose from and act. You might want to do something that might not be universally right, but will satisfy your desperation. You might simply do what you feel.

    For instance, a person is drunk. He or she is not suffering from any delusion or any disorder. Still usually people often regret their actions that they performed while they were drunk, once they get sober. Just because a person is drunk doesn't mean his actions were not governed by his/her mind.

    Take another instance where a person is simply dreaming. We all have vague dreams. Sometimes some of us do stupid things, horrifying things in their dreams. Just because a person was dreaming doesn't mean his/her dream is not governed by his/her mind.

    Everyone of us have different shades of personalities in them. One's self cannot be simply good or bad, but combination of both. Again good or bad can have subjective definitions, but that is a different topic.

    In context of the question, you cannot determine one personality of the main character as his real self. The combination of the main character's different impressions constitutes his whole self.

    If you see, the character didn't simply randomly kill people. That wasn't a part of his personality. He tactfully played the game, may he be suffering from a psychological disorder. It was simply his suppressed feelings towards the betrayal by his wife, that created an urge in him to do what he did.


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