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what type of doctor can treat stress or anxiety?

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    Doctor For Stress And Anxiety

  • You have to think about what is going on with stress or anxiety to pick the right treatment

    and Doctor.

    A. Is there a physical cause? Get checked out physically first bc having a white blood count

    to see if you have an infection going? are you allergic to pollen and dust and have low

    energy due to that? Are you allergic to dairy and wheat gluten and feel sluggish and brain

    fog due to that? All these physical things can lower your energy and lead to stress and

    anxiety and then you thinking it is"mental"- I know two people who had panic attacks due

    to hidden tooth infections which fortunately were found about 6 weeks after anxiety began

    and when the teeth were fixed the anxiety was "gone" bc they had enough energy to

    run the body right and had been going on very low levels and then thinking they had a

    mental problem and that led to anxiety attacks- and panic attacks and self trashing.

    B. Are there any situations you are in that are causing the anxiety- such as alcoholic

    parents, abusive teachers, problems with learning, bullying, moving and not having friends?

    All these things need to be fixed or else anxiety will continue. See the school counselor,

    nurse or parents to help you- or a therapist- like a marriage and family therapist- and pick

    a therapist who is mature, and has children, a happy life and experience in the area of

    your concern.

    C. Other things such as having low self esteem , due to wrong belief system ( your value

    is actually inside not outside you ) so if you don't know that you will react to the whim

    of any other human ( who btw also has flaws and is in no position to pass judgement on you)

    D You can use a homeopath ( see homeopathy and more.com edu site) to prescribe remedies

    for low energy, low self esteem, abuse et- this is another med system and is like seeing

    a MD and a therapist at the same time. It is safe, gentle and remedies clear out stuck

    energy and you just feel well.

    E. You can go to a acupuncturist for physical issues also and will get herbs and get energy

    moving right. Also get a shiatsu or acupressure massage ( see mayo clinic on these)

    I think they are better than the acupuncture- they reset your body energy right and you

    feel well and they last for a long time- it is a good way to know that you can go back to


    F. Look at anxietycuresreviews .com and see the linden method and he had anxiety

    and then ocd- he used distraction to break it up- this is a good education on mechanics

    of anxiety- and wrong mental habits like what if thinking and what it does then

    to the brain. I had anxiety and therapy similar to this method.

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    Lance, First of all, it's good that you are taking this as seriously as you are. This child has endured extreme instability in his life, and as a result doesn't feel he lives in a safe zone. Some of this is no doubt related to his father, but some of it may be related to his father's departure or other factors in his early life. Yes, he is in trouble through NO FAULT OF HIS OWN and he needs help now. This should be framed for him that none of this is his fault, but that he needs help in order to feel better because he cannot learn, grow, and meet the coming developmental milestones which are coming, without a management plan to his anxiety disorder constellation. He needs to know that this is not a punishment, but a clear plan to HELP HIM FEEL BETTER. His anxiety is worsening as there are changes at home, and the demands of school are heightening for him. This can only worsen without proper intervention. I would urge you and his mother to get him that psych evaluation yourselves for him, because although the school may pay for a licensed clinical social worker or psychologist evaluation, his mother, THE PARENT, needs to be in control of the evaluation and the data which is obtained. This is important because sometimes an undiagnosed medical problem creates an interplay with psychologic issues, and unless this is fully considered by a psychiatrist, one half of the issue, the medical half, doesn't receive full consideration. (Sometimes hyperthyroidism or even heart rhythm disturbances emerge at 12. They may make a behavioral issue more pronounced, but the original issue was a medical one) BTW, 12 is when many medical issues emerge for kids and it's a last chance time to fix some things before the teen years. Following an evaluation and a primary diagnosis, this information can be shared with the school and they need to create an IEP (an individual education plan) whereby he still gets a focused education, but is not subject to the pressure cooker environment that other kids without anxiety disorders may experience. This dear boy likely needs some short term meds, prescribed by a psychiatrist, and some counselling which a psychiatrist will likely refer him to. They need to teach him how to manage his episodes of stress while the medication calms him enough initially to be open to this. He also needs as much stability at home as is possible. If he receives the help he needs, you should have a happy individual who lives a good life and won't forget the sacrifices you and his mother made to help him. If he does not get the help he needs, he is a high risk in his teens for suicide. If for some reason, his mother has inadequate health insurance for him, then she needs to see social services to either get a referral to your county's childhood intervention psychiatrist, or medicaid to help manage these issues. These are not easy tasks I have outlined for you, but I promise, the reward is well worth the effort. Very best wishes to you all.

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    Hi--I've worked in psych 23 years--but the youngest age of patients we accept on our unit is 14. I agree that giving tranquilizers is not a good idea. But there may be some medication to smooth out his moods, and help with concentration, and this fear of contamination. I think he should definitely be evaluated by a health professional. Perhaps he has ADD or ADHD? Maybe his pediatrician could recommend a child psychiatrist? best wishes.

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    Ask your doctor for a referral to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. They can usually help in most cases.

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    See your Doctor and discuss all your problems with them. They will then refer you to the help you need.

    Source(s): secrethamster.co.uk [Mental Health Support forum]
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    use aromatherapy and yoga. Aromatherapy works wonder or go to a spa to relax

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    Psychiatrist or Psychologist

    or try yoga & meditation. I hear it works

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