perforated diverticulosis?

My mother suffers from diverticulosis. A few hours ago she went to the ER with extream pain. They are doing emergency surgery because it has perforated. I can't be at the hospital because I'm watching the children.

Does anyone have some info about the surgery required. I know it involves either closing the perforation or removing that section completely. I want to know about mortality rates, how long of a hospital stay and general outcome. I can't seem to find any laymen term articles online to answer these questions. So if you've been through the surgery or know someone who has and have some info id be grateful for some insight. Thanks for any help..

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    Inflammatory complications, when they occur, usually result from inflammation around a single diverticulum. This may lead to the formation of a pericolic or pelvic abscess. Free perforation of these leads to purulent peritonitis. More rarely, with either rapid evolution or failure of the diverticular neck to obliterate, a free communication develops between the bowel lumen and the peritoneal cavity, leading to faecal peritonitis. Faecal peritonitis results in an extremely high mortality rate. The operative approach for a patient with perforated diverticular disease should be individualized and depends on the stage of the disease present, the general condition of the patient, the experience of the surgeon in colon surgery and the availability of facilities and personnel to provide intensive care. In larger institutions when these conditions are optimal, primary resection of the diseased bowel with or without anastomosis – this is a surgical connection between two structures. It usually means a connection that is created between tubular structures, such as blood vessels or loops of intestine - is becoming the procedure of choice. In smaller institutions or if conditions are not optimal, right transverse colostomy with drainage of the perforated segment can be relied on to control the disease with a mortality rate compared to that of primary resection. I wish her well.


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