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Who decides when to put cat to sleep?

My cat has kidney failure. Been giving her two medicines daily and one sub q fluid treatment per week. Have gone to canned food instead of dry. She was doing well and on last visit her numbers looked better than when she was diagnosed 7 months ago. The vet said that she is too alert and curious and doing ok so he cannot put a cat to sleep when she's doing this well. The problem is I'm exhausted both physically and financially. She wants to eat every couple of hours and wakes me up at night. She throws up in the middle of the night and I have to get up and clean. I have given her the pepcid twice a week, she still as times when she gets sick. She is 17 years old. I don't make that much money but have just struggled with the expense. I know that she is just going to get worse. This is a tough decision to make but even if I feel it's time, what if my vet doesn't?

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    You, the owner decides. There is even a term for it now - "economic euthanasia" when owners can not afford or no longer afford the treatment their cat needs. It's one of the cold, hard realities of life, sadly - and doesn't make you an evil person. You've done the best you can for 17 years, and elderly cats can get extremly expensive in their care - both financially and mentally. The people who are passing judgement clearly have never been there. And find her another home? How ridiculous, as I bet that poster isn't willing to take on an elderly cat with health issues. Only you can decide if it's time or not. But first do have a heart-to-heart talk with the vet to see if there are any options for you (cerenia if it's available is much stronger than pepsid and works much better on the nausea) and if it's possible to decrease your expenses. If it turns out that isn't an option for you, then do what you need to do - but please be with her at the end. She's been a good friend for 17 years, and you should be there.

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  • Ken S
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    I am proud to have heard about your vet. Lots of times you hear bad things here but hearing about a vet with morals is great to hear

    You on the other hand have a 17 year old cat that depends on you and you want to show no loyalty to one of your most important responsibilities. A life

    If the problem is he wants to eat 24 hours then LEAVE MORE FOOD OUT If you are doing the sub'q fluids at home you can buy them online and do them at home and they are cheap

    You caused the crf by feeding dry food so now you have to feed canned OMG

    What's going to happen to you when yopu are 70 and dependent?

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    wow, people can really be harsh...they should stop judging. they are the sick ones to pass judgement like that. no one has any idea what you are going through and what type of person you are. do what's right for you. you know how your concience works and you actually already know what the answer is. this is not for anyone else to decide and much less to judge. this cat has obviously been with you for a long time and you must share a special bond. goodluck and just be true to yourself!

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  • Anonymous
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    If the cat feels well and is happy and getting better and you are just sick of her because she is costing you too much than you really are a lousey owner. if the cat is doing poorly and is suffering I would agree with your assesment.. but if she is doin well than I dont think you should oput her down.. also you can always seek another vet's opinion.

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  • 7 years ago

    If the cat is getting better then it would be sick to put her to sleep because of financial circumstances.

    If you really are that sick of her then try to find her a nice owner.

    The descision is up to you whether or not to get her put down but you would be killing her....could you live with that? I couldn't. If she was in constant pain or was getting worse then it would be kinder to get her put down but what you're proposing to do is just horrible. Please don't do it...think it through again. Please

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    dont worry about this.let her choose to sleep.

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