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mandy asked in 社會及文化語言 · 7 years ago

dog presentation

i have to do a presentation about dog

and the topic name is "my favorite animal----dog '''

but i think the topic name is not good

can you help me to named a better topic name to me?

after that, i have a outline of this presentation

1.roles with humans

2.dogs body language

3. i have no idea, would you give me some idea which is relevant to dogs??

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  • 7 years ago
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    ------------A presentation about dog=my puppy-------------

    ------Outline with roles with humans are that dogs are men's best friends.It's a pet or trained for our service.It guards our buildings. I had a female guard dog.

    ------Dogs body language can't be seen clearly because she is an attractive tracker female doggie.I took the dog for a walk and could hear the barking.This top puppy is a dog in the manger.,It stopped others to eat its breakfast/dinner. Every dog has its day if we don't be cruel/hit to her like in the newsreel nowadays.The body language was it barks to you when hungry and/or wants to go outside.

    -------Watch the govt propaganda on dogs and you'll get a license.Dog's faeces and urine must be picked up by you.Don't be cruel,but sterilised her by.going to the vet.for her injection and sickness caring.

    In conclusion,a dog's life be fair treated in your life-time.


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