False positive pregnancy test?

This am I took a pregnancy test that was supposed to work for "six days before your missed period" (today is six days before) and it showed up as positive....faint, but clear that it was positive. Later this evening I went to Walmart and bought another test. A different brand but still one that was supposed to tell me "six days before my missed period and it was clearly said negative. So my question is could taking it in the morning and the evening effect they results or if possible how did I get a false positive?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I still think you are pregnant, because the morning urine has the highest concentration of the pregnancy hormone in it. Once you're a bit farther into your pregnancy any urine of the day will show a positive line. You're more likely to get a false negative than a false positive.

  • 7 years ago

    False positives are extremely rare and are usually caused by a recent miscarriage or certain fertility drugs. False negatives on the other hand are fairly common, especially if you test before your expected period. And if you read the packaging, it says that it "can detect pregnancy *as early as* six days before your missed period." If you read the package insert it will tell you that there s less than 50% accuracy that long before your missed period, meaning that more than half of women who are actually pregnant will get a "false negative" if they test 6 days before their missed period.

    Yes, testing in the morning vs the evening really can affect the results. First in the morning urine is more concentrated and therefor has higher amounts of pregnancy hormone than any other time of the day. It's also possible that the first brand is more sensitive than the second brand and therefor able to detect a smaller amount of the hormone.

    Congratulations, you're pregnant. But if you really need another test to convince yourself, take another test in a few days or a week and use first in the morning urine. The level of pregnancy hormone rises very quickly in the first weeks of pregnancy so that faint positive you got today will be much darker in a few days.

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    7 years ago

    It is possible to get a positive that early, and yes, it would make a slight difference if the urine was more concentrated (morning urine) versus more dilute later in the day. It also matters when you read it. If you wait beyond the time stated in the directions then any result should be disregarded. Test again in a few days to make sure.

  • justme
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    7 years ago

    its still really early, so morning and evening could make a huge difference, most people dont actually get a positive result 6 days sooner, your best bet would be to wait til closer to when your period is due and test again

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