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a heavy looking chair

a rather heavy looking chair.

以上句子 ( looking ) 是什麼作用?

查字典,,,有 ( looking glass ) = a mirror ( noun [ old-fashioned ] )

曾經看過電影,,, 有人形容人,, 可以用 good looking ( 即睇得吓 [ 這個人 ] )

咁照以上的解法,,, heavy looking ( 應是 睇下去都幾重 [ 這張椅子 ].

各方好友,,這個 looking 是這樣解嗎? 謝謝

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    heavy looking chair= a rather heavy looking chair.看上去也知道是重的或 笨重的椅子

    looking has the function of adjective too .

  • 8 years ago

    Appear/seem is a verb to seem; to appear on the word "look"

    eg:-The chair was looking heavy for tourists in the Museum!

    so it's one meaning of the "a heavy looking chair."

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