Did Brian Wilson envy the beatles...?

Well I was reading an article on the beach boys and in it, it talks about how Brian and the beach boys wanted to be better than the beatles, and that after Sgt. Pepper was released he had a breakdown ? Do u believe that was true ?

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    Brian's first "breakdown" was in 1964. He was stressed about making hits and albums, he had his father, Murry, on his back, and he was just starting to play around with drugs, marijuana and acid.

    Brian and the rest of the group was envy of the Beatles but were also very competitive with the British group. Rubber Soul blew Brian's mind and Brian was determined to create an album just as good, even better. Brian's masterpiece, Pet Sounds was that album. Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney loved Pet Sounds. After Pet Sounds, Brian began work on the Dumb Angel, later renamed SMiLE album. SMiLE began as an album that Brian was heavily into. As months went by, Brian began loosing interest in SMiLE. The main reasons was more tension between him and his father, tension within the band, Capitol Records pushing Brian hard to release another album, and the continuing use of drugs. SMiLE was to be the competing album for the Beatles Revolver. It was during this time, Brian really broke down.

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    Brian's "breakdown" (usually marked as the shelving of Smile) happened in May 1967, Sgt. Peppers was released in June 1967. Unless Brian had the power of seeing into the future, I'd say that's not true! The sad fact is, Brian's breakdown largely happened due to mental instability, drug use and enormous pressure from being the writer, producer and performer for the Beach Boys for four years. In fact, I'd wager it had little to do with the Beatles. In late-1966, the Beach Boys eclipsed the Beatles' popularity in the U.K. and parts of Europe, it's not as if they were struggling!

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    He did, over the whole idea of "making the greatest album ever." Brian and Paul McCartney have always been good friends, though.

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