Sureños gang being falsely accused I know they have bible studies prayer groups in chruch every sunday?

Sureños gang being falsely accused I know they have bible studies prayer groups in chruch every sunday morning and nights,hold community meetings to help resolve any problems they can as actvists of human rights, are they being set up here ?San Benito police charged six suspects Wednesday in the death of 19-year-old Angel Perez, who was stabbed to death early Monday.

Police are calling this an isolated incident, but add the suspects do have gang ties.

Brother and sister 18-year-old JJ Leal and 23-year-old Ruby Nadine Sanchez were the first of the group to go before a judge to face murder charges.

Suspects 18-year-old Miguel Angel Perez alias “El Chopper,” 18-year-old Robert John Anthony Martinez alias “El Chucky,” 21-year-old Jose Lazaro Ramos and 22-year-old Esteban Rodriguez, followed.

Assistant Chief of Police Michael Galvan said the group claims to be part of the Sureños gang.

Police said it all began when Yarim Martinez, Claudio Ballesteros and the victim allegedly broke into a car in the neighborhood where the six suspects live.

According to authorities, the alleged Sureños gang members took matters into their own hands and went after the alleged car burglars.

It was Martinez himself that called authorities after Perez was stabbed.

"He described the black ford explorer having four or five male subjects, who were hanging on the rails and doors opened and driving after Mr. Angel Perez,” Galvan said. “The persons arrested have gang affiliation, but the target of their assault was due to the burglary that occurred in their neighborhood."

Before leaving the courtroom Ramos turned to Action 4 News cameras and said "they got the wrong person."

However, police said that although the suspects showed remorse when they were questioned, there is plenty of evidence pointing to these suspects. Police add there are no pending arrests.

"People will always deny their actions especially when facing something like this,” Galvan said. “We expect it - it's too much evidence and too many things that are pointing to him being involved."

Police have confirmed the woman was the getaway driver, but are not specifying what role each suspect played in the murder.

All six suspects were charged with murder for a 500-thousand dollar bond each.

Robert John Anthony Martinez was also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for an unrelated case.

His total bond was set at $1 million.

Yarim Martinez and Claudio Ballesteros are charged with burglary of a motor vehicle.

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    In the valley this be true.

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    I'm not reading that but they belong in jail. They are drains on society.

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