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Which city should i choose to move to?

Okay, here's the deal...

I'm a recent graduate from law school, and I've been searching for positions in my home state (Indiana) as well as other places. Two firms I'm very interested in have contacted me and seem very interested in taking me on. One firm is in Phoenix, Arizona, and the other is in Manhattan. I've spent time in both places, and there are pros and cons to both, but I guess I'm just wondering which one everyone else would suggest. I don't have any heavy duty criteria I'm trying to have fulfilled, I'd just like to live somewhere with some culture and different options when it comes to dining out, going to the theatre, etc. (we live in a place with exactly three restaurants to choose from over and over and over again...BORING). I also have a six year-old son, and I'd like to take him somewhere with good educational opportunities. Weather and climate don't matter a lot to me either, I was just wanting some general advice and/or your best plug for either city.

As a side note, we would most likely be living in Brooklyn if I chose the firm in Manhattan-I'm not sure of where we would live in Phoenix-preferably somewhere close to downtown. Thank you!

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    If you're looking for culture, theater and dining varieties, then NYC is calling your name. AZ is a nice place to visit, but it's basically a desert with limited opportunity. I have a friend who moved to Phoenix (for work) and every pro he's shared with me would be a con for anyone looking to expand their cultural pallet. Climate may not be an issue for you, but experiencing actual seasons compared to relentless, albeit dry, heat is incident of the monotonous lifestyle you'll live in AZ. Brooklyn, in it's own right, has oodles of culture and personality. Unless you're extremely laid back, NYC is a no-brainer!

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    It depends. If the pay is the same, I'd say stay away from New York, because rent is expensive. If the pay is better in New York, it can be worth living here.

    Educational system in New York is bad (I know because I am a teacher in New York). Many schools are failing.

    I would choose Phoenix if I were you.

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    My friend, if you want to be in fast pace, cultural city, I would recommend coming to NYC.

    Good luck

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