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Can't think of a character name - help!?

I'm writing a short story for a secondary school competition, but I seriously am drawing a blank on names... Synopsis: The main character is a 36 year old British author who has just had his first successful book published, but the unexpected attention causes him to begin doubting he'll live up to these new expectations and he hits a huge writer's block. In search of inspiration, he takes a trip to the countryside of County Mayo in Ireland to visit an old friend from university, and ends up immersed in the local folklore in a way he'd never have expected.

Here's a description of the hapless Author: 36 years old, tall, doesn't eat very well, night owl, coffee fiend - was good looking in his youth but ends up looking fairly pale and drawn thanks to his terrible lifestyle. Has cropped brown hair and dark blue eyes, is of English descent, and wears thick-rimmed black glasses to compensate for all of those late nights spent staring at a screen.

If you're feeling particularly helpful, I'd also appreciate a (fore)name for the two creatures he meets: an Irish faery (short, female, wildly curly brown hair, big, unnaturally green eyes) and a dullahan (male, foreboding in every sense of the term, has a terrible, bone-chilling aura).

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    British names I like: Damon, Liam, Doherty, Thomas, Rutherford, Dale, Carl, Graham, James, Winchester, Gregory, Gallagher, William.

    I know some of these come from bands, but these are some off the top of my head. I don't think Dale's british but I still like it :P

    As for Irish names..I think of Iris, Clover, and Ivy...Gael..Sorry that's all.

    Hope it helps!

    P.s. you sound like an amazing writer. I'd buy your book so let me know when it's out :)

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    Robert for the man, Trix for the faery, and Ciaran or Duff for the dullahan?

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    The faery could be named ash and maybe the main guy Ted?

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    don't name the fairy Ash. in the Iron Fey book series one of the main faery guys is Ash. umm... for the main guy I want to say Allen or Alec Hodges. and the fey girl should be 'Aednat or Aednat-sidhe' pronounced 'ey-nit' it means 'little fire'

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