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Is 1and1 cheaper web hosting than JustHost?

I'm looking for something cheap but quality at the same time. Is it real? I read a lot about 1and1 hosting, that they offer good customer plans. But from other hand I also heard some negative feedback about their work. JustHost is also not super expensive host and deserved a lot of good comments from webmasters but still I don't know what to choose.

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    Cheater? Is it about price or quality? Not that I'm judging you or something, just be wise and don't destroy your sites with cheap hosting. Yeah, 1and1 has ok prices. But as you saw yourself, it has plenty of complains from users. JustHost is other story. Read this review, you'll find some answers to your questions. Don't go for cheap things, better stick to quality.

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    To be honest most web hosting these days suck.

    The only one I've stuck with over the years is HostGator because they're really reliable and customer support will help you with everything you need within minutes on live chat.

    Use the coupon code COUPON2000 to get the first month for 1 cent, then you can see if you like it and continue to use it or not.

    Source(s): Using HG for years for my hosting
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    You can always check out SecureSignup's web hosting. I think they have some amazing deals if you ask me.

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