I think I might have ADD. How can I tell my parents I want to see a doctor to know for sure?

My parents, especially my mother, are very indenial about this kind of stuff. Even though I'm home schooled, I spent most of the time in my room and we only see each other a few times a day, and we barely speek. When we go out, I usually listen to my music or my mind is off else where, yet they think they know everything about me. They think I'm perfect, but I'm not, and I really want to know if I have ADD. I have almost all the symptoms. How can I tell them?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Chances are you won't read this or take it seriously, but y'know, yolo or whatever.

    About a year ago I was at where you are now. And I can confirm, it's hell. But you don't have ADD. In fact, I'm convinced no one does. Everyone has a cross to bear, a unique combination of nature and nurture that will shape who you are, no matter how firm a grasp you have on it. Shape, not define. Chances are you find sone comfort in labels. It is only once you give up on defining yourself that you can begin to know who you really are. And I know I sound like some existentialist holier-than-thou, but you and I, we're one in the same. I could tell just by your word choices, seriously.

    Also, just to let you know, the supposrd symptoms of ADD are also scientifically proven traits of geniuses.

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  • polcin
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    3 years ago

    I had upload in intense college yet back interior the 40's they did no longer even understand approximately it. My college advised my father and mom that I had a intense IQ and grew to become into no longer working as no longer basic as I ought to and that they concept that i grew to become into lazy. i grew to become into consistently in problem for undesirable grades and felt that i grew to become into in all probability dumb and the tests have been incorrect that suggested i grew to become into clever. for the duration of my life I owned 4 attractiveness parlors yet I in no way ought to do the bookkeeping so my mom and sister did it for me. I additionally owned 7 condo homes and had them for 20 years and made plenty off each and every thing. My kin ultimately desperate that I had highway smarts and not e book smarts so i ended up doing up purely high quality. So will you. despite the fact which you do get somebody that may additionally assist you with what you may no longer do. it extremely works out alright. don't worry approximately something. Get what you may and enable flow of what you may no longer. you would be purely high quality.

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  • 7 years ago

    dont be embarassed to tell them.if you do have it,theres nothing to be ashamed of.You have to get well for yourself so start by telling them.how can you help yourself if you don't ask for help? i used to have an eating dissorder and NEVER told my mom.im ok now but i wish i would of told her because i would of gotten the help i needed. please tell them.You'll feel so much better . good luckk :)

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