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? asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 8 years ago

Name combinations and surnames for this character?

She has red hair and brown eyes, usually wears black "nerd glasses" and loose, comfy sweaters, and is a shy bookworm. Her best friends are aspiring novelist Douglas Casey (DC) Fox and trivia freak Rory Elliot Cohen. I definitely want "Charlotte" to be either her first or middle name. Other names I'm considering are









Any suggestions for which combination of "Charlotte" and another of those names plus a last name would sound best?


and also Allison on the list

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think the name Autumn is very pretty, and would fit her personality. Autumn is sort of a calm time, and it's not too bright and colourful. Plus her hair is red, so it sort of matches that aspect as well. Autumn Charlotte is a really pretty name. Also Charlotte Autumn...

    The other names that Charlotte would sound good with as a first name would be Charlotte Roxanne and Charlotte Elizabeth.

    The other two combinations that would fit would be Kathryn Charlotte and Allison Charlotte.

    Last names that come from nature always sound good. Names like Thorne, Blackthorne, Sky, Willow, Cherry, Pine, Winters, Rivers, etc.

    If you want her to have a more common last name, colours are always good. Names like Black, Brown, White, etc. or more creative colours like Violet or Goldenrod.

    Other common last names are Campbell, Williams, Smith, Young, Hall, Scott, Carter, and Brooks.

    Personally out of all those names I like Charlotte Autumn Thorne, and Autumn Charlotte Pine. Of course, it's your story.

    I hope maybe you liked some of those names, and good luck with your story!! :D

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  • 8 years ago

    When I hear the name Bethany I think of a shy but gorgeous girl so I vote for that one

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  • kibble
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    4 years ago

    easiest method is to enhance her father and mother (even only on your suggestions), examine her relatives historic past, and then %. a recognition it is clever. as an occasion, a customary relatives does no longer call their daughter Rainbow or Alex. and you'd be tricky-pressed to locate a classic American relatives naming their daughter Evgeniya, until they or their father and mother or their grandparents immigrated from Russia.

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