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Is it illegal to download an old video game?

I use to play the game Citylife 2008 edition, but i accidentally threw away the cd. Because the game was so unsuccessful and is no longer sold in any store anywhere i was wondering if it would be illegal to download a free full version of the game, if so what would the consequences be. If not does anyone know where i could download it?

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    If you can prove you bought the game, no it is not illegal. Either way there is no punishment for pirating games, music, etc. so there's nothing to worry about. However, playing pirated games on systems like Xbox and PS3 is harder than it might seem. And besides, the game is fairly old, so there is a chance that the copyright no longer exists on the game making it open source. Such games like CS and The Sims are now open source because the copyright is outdated and the game was not making enough for them to spend the money to re-instate the copyright.

    EDIT: As for what Marko said, that is incorrect. Piracy is a civil crime, only punishable by means of a fine. Change that 0.1% to 0.

    Source(s): I pirate games all the time.
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    It's illegal to download anything you do not own or did not pay for. However old things like that are often looked over so I doubt you'd be caught and I doubt anyone would really care. But it's still illegal though.

  • Marko
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    There are legal ways of downloading the game...

    For instance install steam,see if they have it on their store,check local game shops...

    If no luck with that,then yes you can download it illegal,if they catch you you can get sued for millions of dollars,and end up in jail,but chances for that are 0.1%

    Sry cant tell you where you can download illegal games,yahoo doesnt like that,but its really easy to find it.

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    Yes it is n u should not do it unless u cant find the game in stores ne more but who are we kidding we all do weather its right or wrng only because games are so expesive now a days old game are hard to find so its overlooked

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