Is Charlemagne descended from King Clovis?

I recently became aware of the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children. Is Clovis the ancestor of Charlemagne? If so, is Lothair the descendent or child of Charlemagne. That would be cool, since I'm descended from Lothair, and my Great Grandfather got the last name "Luther" from Lothair. (I believe in the theory, seeing as I have spiritually connected to Jesus, and he told me of the his love for Mary. Please, no nasty comments; I am Roman Catholic, so don't say I'm satanic or anything).



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    We don't research theories or Bible stories and there is no written evidence of ancestry back as far as you think you would like to go.......all pure 'guess work', 'maybes' and 'lets pretend'................ genealogy is factual research with verified, and cited written proof................. so it matters not what religion you are, or what theories you believe in or not........... verified, cited, original written record proof is what is required.....................

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    John, there is no reliable historical evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, pure and simple. The book the DaVinci might have been a very intriguing book but it was fiction and it is loaded with historical errors.

    The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded about 200 years after the Knights Templar were disbanded.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls do not mention Jesus, Mary Magdalene or Christianity

    Opus Dei was not founded until 1928

    Now as far as your family history you should research your history. Don't rely soley on what your grandfather told you. Family legends can be changed down through the generations. Then what your grandfather told might be entirely true. Any time you wish to do some serious research there are lots of good people here that can give you some great tips and advice.

    Also understand when surnames were assigned or taken in Europe during the last millennium it wasn't impossible for legtimate sons of the same man to wind up with a different surname and still each could have shared his with others with no known relationship. The purpose originally was not to identify a man as a member of a family but just to better idenity him, frequently for taxation purposes. So the root person of everyone named Luther might not be the same and you just might not share ancestor with them. I had a gr gr grandmother who was Alsatian German and she was a Luther.A researcher said our line descends from a cousin of the Martin Luther. I am also a Catholic.

    No way would I use this board as a place to argue about disagreements in theology among all the groups in the 1400s, 1500s, 1600s. There were good people on all sides and no doubt some stinkers on all sides.

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    Charlemagne is the grandfather of Lothair.

    Not sure if Charlemagne is a descendent of Clovis.

    You can research your genealogy to the year 800 AD???

    Don't get too excited about a theory. Stick with what is known, i.e. the Bible.

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    Have you actually researched your tree? How do you know you are descended from someone named Lothair? When and where did he live? Children? Spouse? What does the theory have to do with your ancestry?

    Luther Family History

    Luther Name Meaning

    German: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements liut ‘people’, ‘tribe’ + heri, hari ‘army’.English: nickname from Middle English luther(e), lither(e) ‘bad’, ‘wicked’, ‘base’ (from Old English l¯ðre).

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  • There is nothing at all any where in the world that says that Jesus had any earthly children.

    As to Charlemagne, he is descended from some of the caesars...


    Source(s): Bible; Dead Sea Scrolls & others; google
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    forget that finished delusion proper to the Merovingians and Jesus/Mary Magdalene. that's an entire fabrication. there replaced right into a courting between Clovis and Charlemagne -- there replaced right into a courting between almost all and sundry returned interior the early center a while in Europe because of the fact the inhabitants replaced into plenty smaller than that's now -- however the courting replaced into very distant and not direct. there have been lots of Lothairs and Luthers.

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    John, Go to bed...


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