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Is there a movie version of the Les Miserables musical?

I already know about the one that will be coming out this Christmas, with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman.

But is there another MUSICAL version on film? I've seen the regular, non-musical one with Liam Neeson, but I'd like to show the musical version of the play before the new one comes out.

All answers are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Here's a list of different versions of LM

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    How approximately NONE?.. The MUSICAL versing of Les MIserables HAS now no longer BEEN MADE yet.. neither is there a action picture version of depraved.. yet I extremely have heard some rumblings at the instant that the two one in each of those musicals could make it to the large exhibit reveal screen. From what I hacve heard the large funds producer kinds are waiting to artwork out how nicely 9 is going over and does on the boxoffice.

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    The only musical version is taped version of the musical play.

    "Great Performances" Les Misérables in Concert (1995)

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    The only one with the songs we've heard for 27 years is the movie coming out in a month or so.

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