what is a good safe free place to make a resume on line, resume builder?

is resume builer good? It says its free but is it a trick to give some company all my info to sell?

how about a 30 day trial one maybe I can dowload? thanks.

nothing fancy just a standard resume that offers a cover page, info page and has good options to space use titles and headings ect.


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  • 8 years ago
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    Well if you have Microsoft Office Publisher, there is a template on there. I have used the template before and it was simple and easy to use. One cool asspect about it is you can save and add stuff without hassle. And by useing Publisher it will give you suggestions or add info if you check it. This is free if you have Microsoft Office Publisher.

    Source(s): microsoft.templates.info/rm45fy6/.com/resume
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