Xbox 360 connection issue. Please help!?

Okay, my connection has been all fine for a while now, but suddenøy when i try to play some Bo2 something gets wrong. Here's what happens:

I find a match online on kill confirmed. The match starts. Then after i have played for like 20 seconds it suddenly popes up: Connection interrupted Everyone stands still, but i can move, but then after 6 seconds i suddenly die or died and re spawn. Then it happens again after 20 seconds and it keep going till the match ends. Sometimes everything turns black then it load up the map and it has reset my kills and deaths! It keep happening every ******* match. I tried on different games, but it was the same on BO, MW3, and mw2. Please help is this just a temporarly issue. or has my xbox caught a virus? Please answer quick. Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, i''m really worried .

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  • 7 years ago
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    I think this question is bogus, or you aren't giving us the whole story (inexperienced modder)

    *Microsoft is criminal. Ask any former employee. I personnaly think they silently install code without end-users permission that "bricks" hardware. ("dae.bin" for example)

  • jenae
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    3 years ago

    First- locate the problem even if it really is including your ethernet cable or your router. 2d- even if it is your ethernet cable, use electric powered tape, untwist it, purchase a clean one, however would fix it. even if it is your router than disconnect it and connect it again. If that doesn't artwork then have someone come locate out the problem or seem it up.

  • 7 years ago

    You shouldn't worry about any viruses as the Xbox can not get a virus. It may be your connection, do you use wireless or wired? If wireless, maybe try getting a new router or try switching to wired.

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