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what is the name of the greek god who send messages?

i want to know what is the name of the greek god who sends messages for my myth please help me.

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    Any god may send messages, but Hermes is the god who carries these messages. He has a winged helmet and winged sandals he wears when he is delivering messages. Hermes' Roman counterpart is Mercury.

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    The Greek God Of Messages

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    The ' evergreen ' Hermes.

    The wonder winged messenger of the Olympian deities.

    He was always in his full attire, winged helmet and winged sandals when delivering messages,and running errands for Zeus between Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.

    In Roman mythology, Mercury was his alter ego.

    Hermes was known as the messenger god, and his female counterpart was Eris (discord).

    Besides delivering messages, he also escorted souls safely back to the Underworld.

    Hermes appeared in many myths, and made important appearances in the Iliad, the Odyssey and the myths of Perseus and Prometheus.

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    While all the people above me believe it is Heremes the wing footed god whom carried the caducious (the snake staff) and legendarily stole apollo's cattle and as such invented the lyre.He also was the god of travelers and (for the earlier myth) the god of thieves. And yes he was the messanger of the gods. But if you really want to be smart then mention Iris who is the goddess of messages. She was depicted as the virgin hand maiden of hera and zues and she was the goddess of rainbows as well.

    Source(s): I am a greek mythological historian.
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    Mercury (Roman) or Hermes (Greek) was the messenger of the gods.

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    He doesn't actually send messages, he delivers them. Hermes.

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    Hermes or Mercury :)

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    i think thats how you spell it

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