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Did you name your child after someone?

When I was in high school (like 15 years ago lol) my principal vowed to name his unborn daughter after me. I thought he was joking because it was the first time I ever met him. However, years later when my little sister started high school she had a class with his daugther and she had the same name me. My uncle also named his daughter after me. I feel so special lol. My name is Lisette btw, but people call me Lisa.

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  • Kylie
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    Yes I did!

    David Joseph Cruz (David after my father) (Joseph after my brother) (Cruz after my other brother)

    Michael James Romeo (Michael James after my husband) (Romeo after my brother)

    Matthew Christopher Adam (Adam for my mums maiden name)

    Victoria Savannah Olivia Jacqueline (Victoria after my mum Savannahs one of my middle names Olivia after my best friends sister who died in a car accident and Jacqueline after my nana)

    Maeve Harper Isabelle Taylor (Maeve we love) (Harper after my sister) (Isabelle after my friend who died of anorexia) (taylor after my fave guitar)

    Kristin Colleen Evelyn (kristin after my uncle Christian

    Emma Charlotte Holly Caro (Emma after Emma bunton Charlotte we love holly after my friend Caro after a deceased friend)

    Kate Elizabeth Madeline Diana Caro (Kate after two of my sister in laws Elizabeth after my mother in law Madeline we love Diana after princess di Caro for same reason

    Viviette Jane Brooklyn Vanessa Caro ( Viviette was my deceased friends middle name

    Jane is my sisters middle name Brooklyn is my. Bros name Vanessa is one of my sisters names Caro for same reason

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  • 7 years ago

    I don't have kids yet, but expecting my first baby in march. It's going to be named after itself. I don't like naming them after famous people or family members. Last name already states a family name. It's own name should be unique in my opinion.

    With this I don't mean that there will be nobody on this planet with the same name, but just that we don't want to name him after someone specifically.

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  • 7 years ago

    My partners named after his fathers nick name and his brother has his fathers name as a middle name

    Personally im not to keen on it ... Maybe family members names used as middle names or a variation used as a main name.

    I wouldn't call my child after somebody i knew because i like unusual names and try my hardest to avoid names that people i know have got.

    Saying that i would like someone to name their child after me ;)


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  • 7 years ago

    I was named after my Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother & so on. :)

    We all share middle names of Elizabeth.

    My Daughter is Isadora Elizabeth to carry it on :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I dont have kids yet, but a lot of people in my family name their boys after my great-grandfather (still living, no lie) like

    Mason keller

    Keller micha

    Brad keller



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  • Kat
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    7 years ago

    I named my first born daughter after my dad...Her name is Laura and my dads name is Laurence. I also named my 2nd born daughter after my stepfather...her name is Jamie, and his name is James.

    My son is named after his dad and kind of after my brother as well. His first name is Muhammad, after his dad, and his middle name is Haroun<---HA-ROON, which is the Arabic version of the name Aaron. My brothers name is Aaron.

    My 3rd born daughters middle name is after my mother-in-law and her Grandmother, Rais<--RY-EECE.

    My 4th born daughter is Aleena...and she isn't named after anyone...we just liked the name.

    Source(s): MOM of 5, working on #6
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