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Were are the Indianapolis colts in the league?

hi im from England and im just getting into nfl. were are the colts in the league or tables or how ever you describe it. and is there a web sit that i can go on to check it out when i want

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    just go to nfl.com and they have standings

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    there are 2 divisions, afc and nfc. colts are in the afc and they have 6 wins and 4 loss right now, there next game is on sunday against the buffalo bills. they recently loss to new england patriots. They also pick up andrew luck, he is the number one quarter back pick in the 2012 draft. you can get all there information at www.colts.com

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    There are 2 conferences in the National Football League (NFL)

    the NFC and the AFC

    They are in the AFC South


    this edit is for @bobby O because he is giving you false information... he must be a cowboys fan

    the NFL is divided into 2 CONFERENCES - the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC)

    each conference is divided into 4 DIVISIONS - north, south, east and west

    at the end of the season, the champion of the AFC plays the champion of the NFC for the SUPER BOWL

    just click on the ESPN link from my original post.. it breaks it down very clearly :)


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    Colts.com will give you all your answers.

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