I am a black male moving to New York City from Australia, where are there large black populations in NYC?

I want to live somewhere in NYC where I am with other African-Americans, and I was considering Harlem but it seems it is no longer a black majority neighbourhood. I have been reccommended East Flatbush and St. Albans but I still want to be close to Manhattan as I will be working there. Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

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    Central Harlem is still as much as 70-80% black, the highest percentage in NYC for a black community. The new condos are very expensive and a new mix demographic fill these buildings.

    Who recommended St. Albans? If you have middle class money then sure, but it is a middle class community with middle class prices. people exaggerate about Harlem, it is not all new condo buildings. The poverty rate in Harlem is high and its a shame that these new people are making it harder by driving up prices. HOWEVER, apply for the projects and look in the tenements.

    DO NOT GO ON CRAIGSLIST FOR AN APARTMENT. only if you are looking to get ripped off. yes you may find some good deals, but the best deals you get from word of mouth on the streets or from your friends.

    However if you end up in the projects or spending time there, know that although not as bad as the past, you will find gang members and hustlers. NEW PEOPLE will tell you that this doesn't exist, but yet they don't know or associate with these people. it is heavily rampant in many housing developments. look at the news, you will find stories about gentrification and also coverage about murders, stick up kids and drug dealer busts

    Source(s): NYC KNOWLEDGE KING http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlem
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    Just google "APT + NYC + KFC"

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    No, you'd be the only one.

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    Ferguson , MO is probably best.

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