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What is the difference between Americans and Canadians?

My mother is Canadian and I don't understand what the difference is I mean the US is just underneath Canada there can't be that many differences. That means my mom is Canadian and my dad is American so what would that make me also?

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    "I mean the US is just underneath Canada there can't be that many differences"

    Going by that logic Germany and France are buddy buddy and Israel and Iran are BFFs.

    USA is a Republic - Canada is a Parliamentary Monarchy.

    USA is a culture created by the right to bear arms and the rockets red glare bombs bursting in air.

    Canada is the polar opposite.

    The USA thinks all foreign students are after their jobs thus must leave once studies are complete. In Canada studying here is a stepping stone to continue staying here... doesn't make sense kicking the educated out.

    Canada has universal healthcare, translated to some in the USA that means it's free thus socialist.

    Canada allows gay marriage, USA has Chik Fil A episodes.

    There is a world of differences once you get past the superficial eg proximity and language.

    Actually on that note 'The Kings English' is spoken in Canada - colour, armour, theatre, metre, etal.

    "What is the difference between Americans and Canadians?"

    Ask that, and the answer is 'none'

    Canadians are Americans. So are people who live in Argentina.

    America is a land mass eg Continent... not a country. Everyone on the Americas is American; including Canadians just as all on Europe are European, all in Asia are Asians. Geography and Grammar 101 :)


    "That means my mom is Canadian and my dad is American so what would that make me also?"

    Soooory, missed that question - oops!

    If you were born in Canada you would be Canadian; if you were born in the USA you would be a USA citizen... if a USA citizen and your mom has Canadian citizenship I believe she can sponsor you to gain Canadian citizenship also if at some point you choose to do so.

    oh jez, did we forget to give Jamie his meds again...?

    *flicks popcorn at you chuckling at the buttery splotch on your forehead*

  • 7 years ago of the differences is that Canadians aren't so easily fooled i.e. having the 'wool pulled over their eyes'...we see things for what they are and can read between the lines.

    We cannot be influenced, provoked or embarrassed into doing anything we don't want to, despite repeated, desparate attempts by those with republican views to do just that...^^

    In short, we are the same but with subtle differences, some that can't really be put into words. However, having said that the biggest difference I guess would be that we believe in looking after our own and taking care of our's the Canadian way.

    Oh... and especially here on Y/A we have a great deal of patience and tolerance....=)

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    Canadians are selfish and won't let Americans get citizenship

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    Americans are better. Lol.

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    Americans are citizens of the US with the right to live there.Canadans are citizens of Canada with the right to live there.

    These are two separate countries with different social systems, different sorts of government and different values.

    You, if your parents registered you, are a citizen of both countries. You may live in either.

  • Canadians live in Canada and have Canadian values and Americans live in America and have American values..don`t be so ignorant of the world ;)

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    This is the primary difference: Canadians live in a monarchy under the reign of an hereditary monarch and head of state, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

    Canadians are subjects of Her Majesty and are rapturously devoted to her and to their "parent" country, Britain. The monarchy is the foundation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Canadian government and each provincial government.

    Her Majesty the Queen is regarded as the personification of the state. The actual body of the Queen holds two distinct personas in constant coexistence: that of a natural-born human being and that of the state. Her Majesty the Queen's legal personality is sometimes referred to simply as the United Kingdom.


    Americans are citizens of a republic with their elected President as head of state.

    Canadians never severed ties with Britain like America did over two centuries ago. Canada was unable to stand alone like America because of its sparse population and primarily desolate, harshly cold and un-arable geography. For these reasons, Canada has been a steadfast empirical "child" to Britain and remains a staunchly loyalist outpost of the British Commonwealth (formerly British Empire).

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    If you exclude the Quebecios, then there are not a lot of differences.

    Canadians get a higher quality public school education. Canadians tend to get a more international viewpoint in their news.

    Source(s): This Canadian lived in LA from 2001 to 2010 and my son in law is a US citizen living in West Virginia.
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    Canada is a different country

    Which means your background is Canadian-American

    You do not want to know how confusing my background is.

    I am American-Native American-Indian(India)-Italian-Hispanic

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