Windows 7- HDD to SSD?

So I just bought a SSD (Solid State Drive) and currently I have a HDD with Windows 7 Home Premium on it. So if i want to install the OS on the SSD, do I need to buy another copy of windows, even though i'm just moving the OS from HDD to SSD? (I'm going to be doing a clean install).

Also, I already have the CD for windows 7 made and the product code written down.


I thought about just cloning the SSD (Can I just copy and paste the files over and still have it boot?)

but, I have software on here that I will never use, but can't find to uninstall... basically I want to start with a clean state. I will still leave the old HDD like it is so i ccan copy files over.

Update 2:

Thanks for the reply. Right now I use 146 GB of data on my HDD, but the SSD I got is 128 GB so i obviously need to cut down somewhere. My Steam folder is 45 GB tho, so if i could avoid copying that I would be fine lol. Is there another way I could chat you?

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  • WayneH
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    7 years ago
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    Don't do that. Buy an inexpensive external USB drive case, insert the new SSD, plug the drive into the PC, and run any free cloning software. Bingo! And exact copy. Once it's done, simply swap the drives.


    You can't just copy files to a new drive and have it boot. The OS needs to be there.

    If you want a clean slate then install W7 from the DVD. But you'll need drivers for sound, video, NIC, wireless (if it has it), etc. That can be a major PITA at times.

    Installing from scratch without the drivers can be an all day or longer task. Add to that all the Microsoft updates, favorites, email info, music, pictures, documents, and the list goes on. The quickest and easiest is to clone it, then remove what you don't want. You have a running system and it will be easier.

    BTW, the speed of the SSD will amaze you.

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  • 3 years ago

    it extremely is extra useful for wipe the unique and do a clean set up on the ssd, via fact likelihood is you're gonna be copying over some ghost data that are no longer area of the OS out of your previous hdd onto your ssd

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  • 7 years ago

    Cloning of WIndows 7 from HDD to SSD will not improve its performance, rather it may happen that it loses the performance, It is a tedious task as well, If you didn't performed it well you might not get the success.

    Do a clean install using your previously created image or DVD, You don't need to buy another copy of Windows...

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  • 7 years ago

    You can install Win7 from the DVD you created , no need to buy another copy of Windows.

    Also , most SSD came with a "backup" software in the box, you can use this software to duplicate everything from old HDD to new SSD (even Windows, so there's no need to install Windows) - snap this SSD in and your system would be up and running in no time!

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