Really confused with my prelude. Help?

So I have recently bought a '92 Prelude privately. The previous owners did not have the manual anymore, but I have assumed it is the S not the Si by googling the differences. The only thing that doesn't add up, is that apparently only the Si has ABS, and my ABS dash light came on the other day.

Do you think it was installed somewhere along the line? Why would anyone do that lol...Could the light come on if it doesn't even have ABS? What's going on?!?!


Alright..... I finally went outside and looked at the vin. BB2.. Si. WTF? Everything else with the car screams S.

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    8 years ago
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    Deffinetly wasnt installed after market.

    Everytime you start your car the abs light is off correct? But as soon as you move the light returns?

    I make this assumption because the same happens on my 93 prelude..quick inspection found my wheel speed sensor wire was broken and as soon as the module sees the difference in wheel speed the warning light comes on and abs is now de-activated.

    Highly doubt the abs was installed aftermarket...more of a chance of google giving false info lol

    What engine and trans ?

    I sure am a fan of my JDM H22 swap :)

  • gary s
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    8 years ago

    What do you mean they lost the owners manual?It's always kept in the glove box.ABS is tricky to repair and the sensors are not cheap,(usually $50).Haynes sells a great repair manual with pictures that shows every nook and cranny of the car for about $20.Many times they will add ABS to expensive cars,then add it to their cheaper models when it adds value to the car.Honda is fanatical about safety as they do not want any lawsuits.Yours might be a crossover model.ABS is now almost standard on all cars.Even semi-trailers have them.Need to get it fixed,most likely wheel sensor is broken.

    Source(s): owning 1 civic and 2 oddessy's.
  • 8 years ago

    Easy: Just recover with black tape the pretty ABS warning light.

    Source(s): ASE Brake Technician Rick Case Honda
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