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I've never used Google Drive before. There's a website called Figment I've used for a while now, and it's basically a site where you can post your stories, essays, poems, etc., get feedback, enter contests, and talk with other writers in the forums. Another writer asked if I wanted to do a collaboration with her on a book over the internet. I'm fine with doing a collaboration. I actually think it will be really fun and cool. My only worry is not everyone is who they say they are over the internet. I don't want to do anything unsafe or give out personal information or anything that will allow someone to track me down or find out things about me that I don't share with them myself. The person I'm collaborating with asked if we could use Google Drive because that's the only way she knows where we can write on the same document. I created a new Google Account with a fake name, age, birthday, etc., and it's all backed up with another email I have that has all fake information. And that email account is backed up with another fake email account, which is backed up with one of my 3 real accounts that has only the name by which all my friends and family call me, which is not my real name, and it has emails within it that might be able to give away information if the person were somehow able to hack my account.

With this in mind, how safe am I, using Google Drive, at this point from someone who might have other motives than to just collaborate on a book over the internet?

And yes, I know I might be paranoid, but I'd much rather be safe than sorry. I've seen and heard of the many studies done that have shown the frighteningly large number of cases of identity theft and kindappings that have occured because some creeper went on the internet and started, well, creeping.

Thanks in advance!

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you set up a fake account on google to use the drive then your pretty safe, you only share a file in the drive not the actual drive or your personal information anyway. All they would see is the shared file you both work on, its pretty secure.

    Youve actually gone to more than you need to, as long as its a fake email there is really no way for them to track you unless you tell them about yourself.

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