Have you sold your dividend stocks, or are you preparing to do so?

Since the tripling of dividend taxes will pretty much make most of those stocks not a money earner any more.

Do you think the tax increase will impact the thousands of Seniors who rely on dividend payments to fund their retirements?
Update: You're right - they're not going from 15% to 45%, only up to 39.5%.

Update 2: Sigh.

The companies will pay out the special dividends now while the rates are low. And then will put out much smaller dividends paid at a much higher rate later. The income they once provided will 1. not be paid and 2. be paid at a higher tax rate. Either way, not worth owning as a dividend income stock.
Update 3: Oh I think it's hilarious. I don't think people understand how dividend stocks work and why they're used as income for many people instead of as a traditional 'stock'.
Update 4: There are better investments to be made with that money that pay you more. So feel free to hold on to those stocks.
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