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Vancouver, Seattle and surrounding region for 2 weeks in August?


My girlfriend and I (both 28 yrs old) are thinking of travelling to Vancouver next August to visit some friends that have recently moved there. We would also like to visit Seattle for a few days.

We have two weeks and would appreciate any suggestions on other place that would be worth visiting in the region and possible itineraries. It is very early days yet, but we hope to spend four or five days in Vancouver. After that we are open to suggestions!! Would really appreciate any and all ideas!


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    Seattle is nice, but I did not find downtown all that interesting other than the Pike Market. Just kind of a generic big city with tall buildings, A good place to stay is the Mediterranean Inn near the Space Needle -- very cool small hotel with a parking garage and an incredible roof deck from which you can see all of the city and way up Puget Sound.

    Vancouver is a cool town and I enjoyed visiting there a few years ago. It is another pretty congested big city but there are neat things to see including Granville Island (a cool shopping district under a bridge along the harbor), the University of BC Museum of Anthropology and my favorite, Deep Cove harbor on Indian Arm inlet which is a fiord (arm of the ocean) that extends about 30 minutes northeast of North Vancouver where you can rent kayaks or stand-up paddleboards and explore a beautiful water filled canyon. Deep Cove outfitters runs the paddling concession -- look at their website for photos of the area, Gorgeous! And the little town of Deep Cove has neat cafes and shops as well,

    But better than Vancouver is the city of Victoria which blew me away when we visited there for the first time this past September. I highly recommend taking the car ferry over from Anacortes or Vancouver to Vancouver Island and the city of Victoria. The trip across through the San Juan Islands is magnificient and the ferry is spacious and comfortable. Victoria is one of the most beautiful and even hip cities I have ever seen. Fantastic waterfront -- even has little cafes where you can rent kayaks and tour the inner harbor -- incredible Museum of Natural History with an IMAX theater, several wonderful outdoor parks with flowers and trails and fountains including the renowned Butchart Gardens and the smaller Beacon Hill Park right near downtown. There is a bike trail, the Galloping Goose, that goes from town out along the coastal cliffs to the west. You can rent bikes to ride on it. I had a broken arm on that trip so we couldn't do that. Lots of neat shops where you can buy all sorts of unique items and clothing, excellent restaurants from funky vegetarian to ethnic and plenty of live music clubs. There seemed to be a large number of young people in their 20's. The downtown area is great for walking around, lots of floral displays, parklets and people just hanging out. We stayed a couple of miles north of downtown in the Arbutus Inn which was handy, clean and relatively inexpensive. If you stay there, pick a room on the same floor as the lobby, the lower rooms can be damp and dark. If you have enough time you can drive north on Vancouver Island to the Strathcona Provincial park (google it for photos) which has spectaculat trails and vistas of snow capped mountains.

    If you are flying from a location in the US, it is way cheaper to fly to Seattle, rent a car there and drive to Vancouver. If you do that, you could take the ferry to Victoria, spend a few days and then take another ferry either to Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula of Oregon and drive back to Seattle from there (beautiful scenery) or go back across to Anacortes and then drive south back to Seattle to fly home. Actually we took a few days and drove east through the Cascade mountains after we got off the ferry in Anacortes. We stayed overnight in the tiny mountain town of Darrington, at the charming Darrington Inn which was only $55 a night for a double room.

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    Vancouver Washington, or Vancouver Canada?? And what do you care to do?? Indoors, outdoor, retailer, hike, museums,,,, and where are you coming from? (using, flying, instruct??) get a good map, and google tourism web sites, and draft a plan. From Vancouver WA you have easy access to Mt St Helens, the Pacific Ocean, Portland, the Oregon coast (Tillamook ice cream and cheese manufacturing facility and sampling room; an aviation museum, a traveler educate,,,)

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    It depends a bit on where you are from. If you like the ocean, head for Vancouver Island, and go to Tofino, and Uclelet. This is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and has the best surfing in Canada. You will also pass through Cathedral Grove, which is an old growth forest of 800 year old trees, that go up 250'. It's amazing. On the way, at Coomb, is the "Goats on the Roof Store," which actually has goats living on it. It is an international market, with things from everywhere.

    The other direction is the Okanagan valley (5-6 hour drive). The south end is a dessert - if you saw the recent movie "the Big Year," almost all the dessert scenes supposedly in Arizona, Utah, etc., were actually filmed there. The "Golden Mile" south of Oliver is home to the finest wine growing area in the country, and some argue North America. It is also a fruit growing area, with lots of fresh fruit to buy, and enjoy. There are also lots of sandy beaches in Penticton. It is HOT there as well - Oliver is the hottest place in Canada.

    I took 2 weeks and did a trip from Vancouver, to Tofino, then Victoria, a ferry to Anacortes, Washington, the Cascade Highway (Gorgeous!) to Omak, then up into the Okanagan, and back along the Crowsnest highway. I think this was around 1000km? of driving. It was fun going from thick rainforest, over a pass, and down into desert - in a matter of an hour or two. It is a trip I would do again - sun, sea, mountains, cities, country, and wilderness - the trip had it all.

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