make a slideshow in java?

I need a html code to create a slideshow using a function the one i am using is not working.


var timer_on = false;

function change(x){

document.getElementById('me').src = x.src;

document.getElementById('aa').innerHTML = x.alt;


function startSlideShow(count){

if (timer_on == false)


x = document.getElementById("pic" + count);


new_count = count + 1;

if(new_count > 5)

new_count = 1;





<table border='1px'>



<th colspan='5'>Click on an image to enlarge.</th>



<td><img id='pic1' src='bloodhoundt-nail.jpg' alt='My favorite animal, a Bloodhound puppy.' width='100' height='100' onclick="change(this)"></td>

<td><img id='pic2' src='flowert-nail.jpg' alt='My favorite flower, the Sunflower.' width='100' height='100' onclick="change(this)"></td>

<td><img id='pic3' src='gamecockt-nail.jpg' alt='My favorite football team.' width='100' height='100' onclick="change(this)"></td>

<td><img id='pic4' src='sushit-nail.jpg' alt='This is sushi.' width='100' height='100' onclick="change(this)"></td>

<td><img id='pic5' src='pastat-nail.jpg' alt='My favorite food, pasta.' width='100' height='100' onclick="change(this)"></td>



<td colspan='5'><img id='me' src='me.jpg' height='800px' width='800px'></td>



<th id='aa' colspan='5'> lakgfalkjg;lakgj;a</th>


<tr><td colspan='5'><input type="button" value="Start Slideshow" onclick="timer_on = true; startSlideshow(1)"> </td></tr>

<tr><td colspan='5'> <input type="button" value="Stop Slideshow" onclick="timer_on = false;"></td></tr>


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  • 3 years ago

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