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I havealready eaten. 我可以將already去除不寫嗎?I have eaten. 這樣文法合理?


I have already eaten.

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    "Already" is just an adverb. As an adverb, it can be place anywhere in the sentence (in a simple sentence, for compound or complex sentence, you need to be more careful to place an adverb in the sentence), or even eliminated, for example:

    I have already eaten.

    = I have eaten already.

    = Already, I have eaten.

    = I have eaten.

    Even though, "already" is often used with "perfect tense" (完成式). In fact, it can also be used in a simple tense, for example:

    It is already 7 o'clock.

    I already did it.

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    the Chinese translation for "adverb" is "副詞". Pay attention to "副", it means "not the major or main word". Its function is to describe "verb", "adjective", and another "adverb". Therefore, it is just to enhance the meaning of the sentence.

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    Eliminating it from the sentence will not cause the sentence dramatically changing its cord meaning.

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    can be place ... ==> can be placed ...

    2012-11-20 23:07:35 補充:

    Let me give you an example:

    I strongly believe that you unfairly criticize him in his doing recently.

    now you remove all adverbs:

    I believe that you criticize him in his doing.

    2012-11-20 23:08:40 補充:

    as you can the sentence is not as decorated, but the meaning is about the same.

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