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Do Pisces men ever get over their anger and forgive?

I'm a Scorpio woman and I really pissed off my Pisces man by not giving him enough space. And I mean I REALLY pissed him off. This guy went from really loving me to hating my guts. He deleted me from EVERYTHING of his and told me he wants nothing more to do with me ever again...all because I struggled with giving him ample space. And then I made things worse by insulting him and telling him I couldn't stand him when we got into a nasty argument. I have admitted to him that I messed up and I have apologized for it, but he refuses to accept my apology or listen to anything I have to say. When I try to reach out to him he just screams at me and says "Go away". I know Pisces men need their space, but c'mon what I did wasn't THAT bad. It's not like I cheated on him or lied to him or mistreated him. I'm just not yet comfortable with going for long periods of time without talking or hanging out like he seems to prefer. He's always telling me to "just chill out and go with the flow". Is there any hope that he will one day get over his anger and forgive me or will he hate me for the rest of his life?


Yeah no kidding Flowers, he even delete me from his Instagram feed....INSTAGRAM for Pete's sake!!! I guess he hates me so bad that even the sight of random photos posted by me showing up in his feed are too much for him to handle. Give me a break!!!

Update 2:

He got mad at me because he suddenly moved away temporarily for 4 months and told me he didn't want me to talk to him during that time because he "needed space". He wanted me to just be silent and wait around for him to (maybe) come back in 4 months. Well I'm sorry, but relationships don't work that way, and there is no way that arrangement would have ever worked out. He couldn't possibly expect me to just suddenly stop speaking to him when I cared about him and missed him. He DOES have other issues going on in his life right now, but he's taking it out on me by pushing me away. And now I've lost him forever because he can't stand me anymore and I doubt he'll ever get over it.

Update 3:

I HAVE been a sweetheart to him, Indigo. I have tried telling him I understand what he wants and that I still respect him and would like to be able to continue enjoy knowing him. But nothing I say to him has any effect...he WANTS to hate me and be mad at me.

Update 4:

We had an interesting little chat tonight. I told him that I was going to start having fun with someone else. I told him it was too bad that we couldn't have continued on and gotten to explore more things with each other. First he responded by telling me that I've been saying hateful things to him & bullying him, which is true. Then he said something very interesting--he suddenly claimed he never cared about me and was only using me for sex. This statement after 6 months of chasing after me, after traveling 1,200 miles to meet my family, telling all of his friends & family about me, and telling me he loved me. I didn't buy that line for one second. It's obvious now that he's hurt, and now I feel a little bad for having fought with him so many times. But at the same time, maybe it's a good sign that he's hurt...because maybe that means deep down he still cares for me a little bit.

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    I'm a Scorpio, and in my experience with Pisces men, I think you've lost him. I know that hurts to hear. They become really cold once it reaches the ugliness of that kind of word exchange.

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    As a Pisces man myself, I can tell you that we are the MOST sensitive of the signs, so you need to walk on egg shells for fear of hurting us, because out feelings can be hurt so impossibly easy--even without intending to do so. A lot of people either do not or cannot understand that. And, when someone pisses us off--especially if we've been wronged at an emotional level--we can hold a grudge for decades and harbor that anger and resentment. I speak from personal experience. I was wronged by a Cancer who led me on because I was lovesick for him, and he was just a Player. That was 15 years ago and I'm still furious with him and want revenge. I have serious trust issues as a result. So yes, I have been nursing this grudge indefinitely. Can anyone really blame me? When you hurt a Pisces we never forget, because emotional pain. lasts so much longer than physical pain. It may even be that the thought and sight of you causes him more pain and agony, because we Pisces live in the past and have a hard time moving forward. So, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's not still fuming.

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    Hate is a Scorpio thing, hate requires a campaign to hurt the other party by resources of the domestic group or the initiating individual. What we Pisces do, is cut off, forget, move on. It is known as the disappearing act. We leave and cut loose any ties to those we wish not to interact with again. It works better for us to pretend like you never existed rather than to seek retribution, for that requires confrontation, something that is a last resort in our eyes. I never really got the whole instigeam& Facebook infatuation, I simply use the social network scene to keep in touch with my brothers I served with in the war and Marines. I guess it did it to kill any evidence that you even exist. Now I certainly have done this to people, it was toward a cheating girlfriend and a family member for reasons that are my own. Once Pisces gets the idea to strip all interaction with certain people or clubs, we are not thinking of coming back. Another thing is that this Pisces seems young still, where certain times when isolation is greatly needed, and time without it creates an exhausted and very moody Pisces. That's pretty much the basics.

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    Pisces people are very forgiving people. If you want him to forgive you faster you'll simply have to be a sweetheart for a few minutes, thats all it'll take. Pisces people are easy people to please.

    I have a feeling it's not the fact that he needs space that's pissing him off. It's the pushiness. Pisces are quite empathetic people so he understands where you're coming from. I'm a pisces and i don't like being told how to be. I'll take on advice or opinions but once someone pushes me because i 'have' to change i get really irritated. So back off a little. Apologising 100 times won't work in fact that will piss him off more i think because that's like saying you 'have' to forgive me now.

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    I know I;m Miss Johnny Come Lately over here but if you are still looking to be with your Pisces man. What you need to know is this he s old no matter what age he is he s old. He is also a combination of all the signs and trust me he knows this. They often live between two worlds. They love anything mystical, they believe we are all connected and they want everything to be right in the universe. Use that mystical type stuff, If you can use something he has told you to make him believe you where connected before this life and or destined to be together when this life is over, not only will you get him back you will never lose him.

  • My ascendant is in Pisces. I don't remember a time in my past when I wanted to be left completely alone like your man does. Before I learned how to control myself, I was a bit overly clingy to people (in general).

    There is a possibility that your guy may have Cancer in his natal (birth) chart.

    Cancer need time to regenerate by going within. I remember my dad (who is a Cancer) would escape to his room for hours and rarely came out to be with the family. If it is happening to your guy "emotionally", then there is a good chance his Moon is in Cancer. I cannot say for sure unless you had more information on his natal chart.

    As far as things being "that bad", if he has asked you repeatedly to give him space and if you did not do so...basically, your apologies will not mean a thing. Actions speak louder than words. It would be best to leave him alone and allow him go "within" to heal. Pisces signs are very forgiving people. It sounds like he needs some space from everyone, not just you. Plus, there might also be some other things going on that is overwhelming him and he does not want it to affect you.

    Your true apology would be to "show" him that you can respect his wishes. Telling him sorry over and over again will only annoy him even more and push you farther away from him.

    I wish you the best of luck. If it doesn't work out, this is a perfect learning experience for a future relationship.


    Best thing for you to do is to pamper yourself at this point. If he knows your Yahoo account, there is no doubt that he can see this or if someone knows him and knows you...the word will get back to him somehow.

    If you keep up with what you are doing now, your relationship with him will definitely be over forever.

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    I am Pisces cusp myself, and I have had similar experiences with Pisces males. Sometimes it s apparent what they got hurt by, and sometimes it s a pure mystery. I know we do have active imaginations, and I have been known myself to blow cold suddenly at the slightest provocation/ imaginary slight. I honestly think Pisces exhibits this type of behavior when they start to care more than perhaps they are comfortable with. Its a lot safer to run away and retreat into a personal dream world, where everything is safe. I can t really speak for others, but i know that I have an inate and immediate distrust of people who want to talk a lot, and spend a lot of time with me. Especially if it is right off the bat. You would think that the opposite would be more logical, but for some reason I find it extremely threatening when a person is intense toward me in any way. In the past I would feel too guilty to be upfront about that, and kind of play along, in the hopes of passively wearing the person down (to avoid any potential confrontation/ harsh words). However, I am learning not to do that, and to set better boundaries right off the bat with people. I guess for me, I feel like if a person wants to talk all of the time/ see me a lt, they are just going to end up being unhappy with me in the long run, because I can never sustain that long term..without ending up completely exhausted and drained. Of course it s not really logical, but not much of an emotional nature really is at times. I just feel my way, the best I can, and try to avoid any ugliness, which I know I am also apt to bring out myself at times, for escape opportunitites.

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    I'm a Pisces guy and I will tell you what I know. You won't get any better or straight to the point answer from anyone who isn't a Pisces guy. We do forgive but we NEVER forget. This is important to remember so even when we forgive, do not take it for granted. The fact that he's telling you to leave him alone and he needs his space tells you all you need to know right now. We hate it when people piss us off and stick around. Apologize sincerely and ask him if he would like you to stay, leave, or what. He'll like that. Definitely heed the words "I need space" and don't cling ms. Scorpio. He'll swim back in due time but for now leave him be. Message me if you would like more help. :) beat of luck

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      hey pisces4life can i please get advice from you?i need some clarification about the situation im in.please and thank you .

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    Hello Miss Scorpio, I am too a scorpio and also met my guy online. We chatted for about 6 months. A NON stop that one, twice a day..When we argue, we forgave each other... March 16, he was complaining, he said, he feel bored because I am not paying attention to him and not focusing on him when I am doing my task. But I did since I am working online, I am doing the multi-task... We were fine March 21 to 28. We still chat in skype..Then March 29, he never came online. I was so worried. April 5, he texted me saying that he will travel PH october. He said, he was just tired for the past 6 months. He said, I never had let him down and me too. And I will do anything I wanted to when he is here with me in PH.. April 7, he sent me an email saying, he needs to charge his batteries. So for now, I need to give him space... They forgive. So just give him a little space. He will be back. Be patient.

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    I'm a Pisces, and the memory of a fight, particularly one that hurt me deeply, will linger on in my memory. I'm sure this girl will come around in no time at all once you show her how sorry you are. I think I just answered one of your questions a moment ago about whether or not we Piscean women like to be pursued and obsessed over. If it helps at all, I have had my fair share of boyfriends who had bad tempers, and although it hurt, Pisceans thrive on drama like it was their life blood-heck, we are even responsible for causing the majority of it in our relationships lol. But to put your mind at rest, Pisceans tend to be TOO forgiving. So I'm fairly certain that if you keep trying to redeem yourself to this girl, everything will be fine :) I really do wonder what sign you are. Oh, I just read this-"She doesn't seem to like it that I want a lot of attention from her and it seems she would rather pour most of her energy into her career rather than a relationship." That is one of the same problems that I have with my Libran bf-I am very affectionate and in need of attention to make me feel loved and secure, but he likes his space and has only a limited amount of attention he can give me-I have to pick my moments with him. And he is very career-driven too, which is a fact I sometimes hate, cause I personally prioritise the person I love over career. And this Pisces girl you refer to does not sound like a typical Pisces in that respect-the majority of us find love the most important thing in the world or our life goal.

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    Do Pisces men ever get over their anger and forgive?

    I'm a Scorpio woman and I really pissed off my Pisces man by not giving him enough space. And I mean I REALLY pissed him off. This guy went from really loving me to hating my guts. He deleted me from EVERYTHING of his and told me he wants nothing more to do with me ever again...all because I...

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