-ACNE problems & questions about SCARS! help :(?

Ive had acne since I was about 9 or 10. Not the worst case but not just a little pimple or 2 on the chin now and then either. Its in between I guess. I get small pimples sometimes but mainly my face is oily and there are little tiny black heads all overy nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin. So tiny no one could really notice them. Oh and some I guess are like raised blackheads? Not a pimple but doesnt look like a black head "black hole" but I can feel a little raised spot if I rub my finger across my face. Then I squeeze it :/ see my problem is Ive always picked my face. Picked and picked and picked. Now its become like a habbit. Especially when Im stressed. I cant even be around a mirror without picking. So now there are some permanent small but noticable scars. And scabs (how embarassing) and then theres just new scars from scabs in the process of healing. I can cover it up with make up pretty good but you can still tell there are some scabbed spots. Doesnt look awful though. Just want my skin to hurry and be naturally beautiful and clear. Ive tried everything to clear ance nothing has worked. I am now 20 by the way and cant seem to leave my face alone and let it heal. Along with that I am asking what will clear my acne and what can help fade scars?

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    Here are some at home remedies for acne and scarring -

    Acne -

    ~Yogurt Mask (Make sure it's PLAIN - no flavors, not even vanilla. You can use greek or regular). Apply it to your face and leave it on until it's 100% DRY. Then wash it off and pat your skin dry.

    ~Strawberries (use alone, or mixed with yogurt). If you use them alone, mash them up to make a "paste", then apply it to your face. Leave it on until it's dry, then wash it off and pat dry. If you choose to make a Strawberry Yogurt mask, mix equal parts of yogurt and mashed up, fresh strawberries. Mix them together really well, then apply the mixture to your face and wash it off once it's dry.

    ~Pure, fresh honey (apply as a mask alone or with something). If you use it alone, spread it evenly all over your face. You might want to lay back on the couch or something while you wait for this to dry as honey can be a little messy. Laying back will help prevent it from dripping and getting onto your clothes. Allow it to dry, then wash it off thoroughly. You can also dab a little over a single pimple (or pimples) and leave it on over night as a spot treatment. Just be sure to cover it (or them) with a bandage so the honey won't get on your pillow/bed sheets. If you choose to mix honey with something else to make a mask, make sure you're using equal parts of all the ingredients you use.

    ~Fresh tomatoes (rub a slice all over the affected areas, mash it up to create a mask, or mix it with another helpful ingredient to make a mask).

    ~Orange peel (Be sure it's a good, fresh orange - orange peel, not yellow or brown. Yellow means it's not fully ripe and brown means it's rotten. Tear the peel into small pieces and ground them up in a blender, mix with some water and apply to the affected areas). You can also squeeze apply the juice from a good, fresh orange onto the affected area(s).

    ~Witch Hazel. This can be found around the first aid section of most stores/pharmacies. It helps with the inflammation and stuff.

    ~Turmeric Powder (found in the spice section of most grocery/health food stores). You can mix it with all kinds of things (lemon juice, rose water, etc...) to make a nice paste.

    ~Some people claim that hydrogen peroxide is wonderful for getting rid of acne. However, it's not exactly the best for skin. It can actually discolor your skin (especially if you're tan or dark skinned), so be careful if you try it. It can be bad if you have sensitive skin too (some people may have a reaction and that could create irritation).

    ~Some people swear the toothpaste remedy works, but tooth paste actually isn't the best to be applying to your bare skin. It can lead to increased redness, dryness and even burns.

    Scarring -

    ~Lemon Juice. This is known to help clear acne and erase/fade the marks it leaves behind.

    ~Fresh tomato/fresh cucumber slices can be very nice and soothing for the skin and can promote healing. added benefits, place the gel in the fridge a little bit before you apply it to your skin. That'll create a nice, cooling sensation.

    ~Fresh tomato/fresh cucumber slices can be very nice and soothing for the skin and can promote healing.

    ~Vitamin E. This is a very good product for the skin. It has MANY uses, including fading scars. It comes in several forms. For the stick form, just apply it to the affected area(s), for the capsule formula, break it open and apply the liquid to the affected area(s).

    ~Olive oil. Massage some into the skin (where the scars are) for 1-2 minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Then rinse it off. Do this nightly.

    ~Cocoa Butter. Palmer's has a good selection of products, from lotions and creams to gel. Their products are designed to help fade scars and even skin tone.

    ~Jojoba oil. This, like cocoa butter, is known for healing and fading scars.

    ~Bio-Oil. Although it's typically thought of to be used for stretch marks, it's also good for scarring.

    Keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin, do a "patch test" to be sure whatever you choose won't irritate your skin. And if you're allergic to anything I mentioned, DO NOT use the product/mask! And if you have overly severe acne, you'll most likely be better off seeing a dermatologist to get good, quick results.

    I hope all this info is helpful to you. If you need any other information, let me know. I can edit this answer, or leave a comment on this question once it's resolved. You can also send me a message. Whatever works best for you!

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    Bio-Oil will help scars heal or remove light ones.

    As for the oils, use blotting paper. If you can't buy any, fast food restaurant napkins and toilet seat covers work too.

    To stop picking, try to do something with your hands when you want to pick them.

    I would put peroxide lightly over the trouble spots. I get a prescription anti-biotic with one percent of clindamycin phosphate (its a gel).

    Also, try to stay away from salycic acid since without sunscreen it absorbs the sun and causes dark spots. I would go with a five to ten percent benozide peroxide acne wash.

    Rubbing tomatoes on your face and letting them sit for a bit can help clear your pores and exfoliate once a week since dead skin gets in there and causes acne.

    One more thing, for the blackheads. You should get blackhead strips, they do wonders, or just use really strong tape. Place it on the trouble spots and rip it off to pull out some of the gunk. Dont do it every day since it can irritate skin, maybe just once ever week or two weeks.

    If you have any other issues, you can go ahead and let me know and I can come to your aide! I aim to fight acne all over earth. >:)

    Source(s): I used to have WILD skin. :( But it's so much nicer now. (:
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    You can buy CETAPHIL the push one works awesome..or. get prescribed benzaclin. But I haven't really found anything for sscares

    Source(s): 20 yr old no longer w acne problems!(;
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