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6-year old cat is teething?

My cat is 6 years old and acts like a 2-month old! When he was younger, all he did was lie around and be lazy and cute. Now, he acts like what I believe he should have then. I know he's too old to be teething, I just couldn't think of another word because he's not really chewing things, just nipping/biting them and then rubs against it. Also, he used to be lazy and fat(not overweight just chubby), and he's started to lose weight and has endless energy. Here's a list of things he's been doing recently:

-- He'll walk up to me, get on his hind legs and put his front paws on my leg and meow

-- No matter what I'm doing, he'll bite (Gently, like a nip, but sometimes it does get harder) my knuckles, fingers, knees, elbows, nose, anything that pokes out.

-- When I walk, he'll chase after my legs and try to get me to stop

-- He won't eat out of his bowl and chooses to go into the pantry and shove his head into the bag and eat from there.

-- When he can't get into the pantry, he eats my dog's food (Beneful) I know he likes his food though and my other cat, I have assumed is his sister, eats it too.

I think that's it. I'm not extremely worried, I just want to know if I should take him to the vet. I love my baby boy and don't want him to be in any pain, like if his teeth hurt or he has joint pain or something.


He is neutered and loves his sister very much! He isn't unfriendly toward my dog, but he isn't friends with her either. They usually just don't go near each other.

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    Has he been fixed? If not, male cats tend to be a bit aggressive and will nip and hook. Although, sometimes it's just a character thing. I have had cats all my life, from the farm to the city over the span of 40 years, and I know that some cats are just more hyper than others. They're just like people in that some are mellow and some are highly strung. My 8 year old male George is very high strung- he's a regular tabby, but he had a traumatic beginning as he was found in a ditch by a farmer driving by. His mother and siblings were dead, and this little guy was meowing his little heart out. The farmer (someone I knew) brought him to me. The kitten was only about 10 days old, eyes, barely open. I bottle fed him and he had lots and lots of cuddles, but he turned out to be quite neurotic as an adult cat. Whereas my other male cat who is 6, who was also rescued from being stuck in a pipe for several days, is just a big love muffin and nothing phases him.

    My suggestions are to be firm when he nips and immediately withdraw your attention and turn away from him. He'll get the message that that kind of behavior gets him nowhere. I also will flick George on the nose when he nips me, or I blow air in his face which he hates : ) and he'll calm down. I know he only does it because his nerves are on edge-he can't help it. He's just got more energy than he can deal with.

    As to feeding your cat-- have a look at where his bowl is. It should be in a safe place away from loud noises, oven doors, drafts, or a direct path to a door where he feels threatened. And it shouldn't be stuck in a dark corner either, or near any strong odors, like cleaning supplies. His bowl should be clean and rinsed thoroughly of any dish soap taste-- that is if you wash it with dish soap. Also he might feel threatened by the other cat's and dog dishes and not want to eat alongside them. My cat is very fussy that way, and I feed him on top of a filing cabinet in the kitchen, believe it or not- he doesn't like eating on the floor, I guess he feels vulnerable down there.

    I wouldn't let your cat have access to the bag of food anymore to try to help train him to begin using his dish again. You could try the things I suggest and see how he does. Don't scold him, or he will begin to associate eating with fear. Good luck, and thanks for being an animal lover!

    Source(s): Years and years of experience and vet consultations.
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  • 4 years ago

    My male cat, Checkers, likes to lick and bite fingers when he is being petted. He will let someone pet him and then turn around and chew on their fingers. He's always done this but for him it's more of a habit and affection thing and sometimes it hurts. He knows now not to bite my fingers because when he did I would walk away from him and ignore him for awhile. But my son and nephews still let him do it, so he keeps doing it. Try the spray water bottle trick, or put pepper on your fingers and let him do it again. He'll learn your hand doesn't taste good and he won't get petting if he keeps it up.

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    Take him to the vet and have him checked out to be safe he should have a pshysical done and have his teeth checked out their teeth is just as important as ours and if they are not taken care of it can cause great pain to them to where they will not eat at all and starve to death or become very very sick so it is better safe then sorry.

    Source(s): worked for a vet for three years
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