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Almost certain my co-worker got me fired, should I tell my manager somthing really bad she did?

I just got a job at a popular coffee shop about 5 weeks ago and have been working there until today, where I got a call saying they no longer want me. Theres a girl at my work who's been there the longest out of anyone, for almost 2 years. I have been closing the store with her for the past 2 weeks or so, for about 5 of those days. I havent worked with either of my manager's for over 2 weeks. She was always complaining about how they hired too many new staff and how she dosent have as much hours. She's been telling my manager little minor things I've been doing wrong, to get me into trouble. On one my last shifts, a girl came in with a resume, in a letter for the manger (who wasnt there). I gave my co - worker the letter and said it was for manager, and it was someones resume. She pre-ceeded to rip open the letter, read it, and tear it up and throw it in the garbage. She said "they'll probalbly hireher and take all my shifts again, not happening." She's also made fun of the manager to me, saying she never goes out. Should I tell my manager this when I go to pick up my last paycheck, I feel like she deserves to be fired. PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE!

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    In case you have any form of ethical fiber at all, you are going to inform the boss who fired her and take something licks comes your method. Have a coronary heart for him and her, for goodness sakes. It's an awfully hard and heavy thing to ought to cut jobs for him. I will be able to realise why he blow his cool when it seemed that the co-employee was making enjoyable of a significant hindrance. And for her, getting fired---as a rule for unprofessional behavior---will follow her career document for an awfully long time. "Who cares?" You will have to. It is not ever too late to do the proper thing.

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    You know where she works, so you can work any where, but there. Be glad you didn't put in a huge amount of time there. It's not like she got you arrested. She showed you she's a back stabber. You should thank her for showing her true colors. Who wants to work with someone like that ?

    I would pretend I never worked there. Apply some where else and don't even list that rat hole. She is not fooling anyone with her need to control things, by putting others down. It shows how small she feels inside. If she was a good worker, she would train others with a smile on her face. But she is disturbed and the manager is dumb enough to keep her.

    Some day a new manager will see her for what she really is and fire her. But who cares about that ho anyway ? Move on and forget your crappy co worker.

  • 7 years ago

    nope-don't do it--"almost certain" is not certain enough to cost someone their job.

    and you whining about the other workers will just come off as sour grapes to the managers-makes you look petty and vengeful-not a good way to leave a job.

  • 7 years ago

    I'd tell you to forget it. It is likely your manager won't care if he cares enough to believe her and what she says about other people.

    She will not get away with this. When you do things to hurt other people, you will one day find yourself hurt. And it is likely that her situation may be more dire.

    Pick up your last paycheck, be glad not to see her again, and spend your energy on finding another, better job.

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